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Friday, July 1, 2011

Easy Blog

Rollie said it should be easy for me to write a blog today because we didn’t do anything.  Well, that cough medicine he is taking must have gone to his brain cause I thought we did a lot!

Gina and I quilted—she “got” it today and made great progress.  I made good progress on a customer quilt, too.

The guys first solved all the world’s problems then decided to take a drive and look at the flooding—our rivers are beyond high and flooding in historic proportions!  Michael says the rivers are almost as high as he has ever seen them.  Here are some photos they took:IMG_7611  

The above photo is the lower end of Jeane and Steve’s former ranch.


On the upper end of the ranch where Michael grew up.


The Engle ranch—the house in the front of this photo was the house used during the filming of the movie The Horse Whisperer. 


Our friends Denny and Ellen used to own this place.  Just a little bit of water around here, isn’t there!

This afternoon Michael worked on my Featherweight sewing machine, Rollie surfed the internet while Gina and I sewed—all of us down in the quilting studio—it was a family affair!

For happy hour we were invited down to George and Shirley’s.  Their house is right on the East Boulder River and they have sump pumps (yes, pumps as in several) going in their basement trying to keep out the water.  We had a delightful time before coming home, finishing off the chocolate ice cream and relaxing on the deck.  As you can imagine with all this water—the mosquitoes are terrible.

So, I think we had a fairly busy day!  Oh, and I made Rollie another cream cheese pound cake which of course we will help him eat.



  1. Could you please post the recipe of that pound cake! You have baked it so many times that it makes my mouth water. I would like to try it too.
    I hope the water will recede soon. The weather sure is strange all over.

  2. the cake looks delicious!!!..recipe please!!

  3. So much water almost everywhere this season. I've read several posts today from different places that had excess water.

    I agree, post the recipe for the cake...sounds yummy.

  4. Looks to me like that pound cake is needing about an inch & a half of some yummy icing on it. You could then call it a 2 pound cake:))

  5. Funny. Most of the time I read blog posts in a reader, which doesn't allow me to comment unless I go to the original post. Some blogs just scream, "original post required" and I automatically open it up. This time I saw that first photo of the green montana hills and knew I had to go to the original, and then knew I had to comment and ask for the poundcake recipe. Sure enough, someone else already did! Ditto! Although I think it looks like a pile of fresh berries would go with it better than any icing!

  6. I, too, am looking forward to the recipe. It really looks wonderful. So much water. But hopefully it's going to start receding this week.

  7. And some of your flooded rivers at least run into our flooded rivers and the whole thing is just a big mess. Gavin's Point is releasing more water than ever before in it's history. All the summer cabin's upriver to Ft. Randall are flooded out. So glad we don't own one, but feel bad for those who do.

    I'd be happy to have the recipe for that cake too.

  8. Add me to the list for the recipe - see, that would be another 'easy blog'!


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