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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Warm Temps and Baby Robins

Another gorgeous Montana day, bright sunshine, warm temps and baby robins popping out all over—Michael even saw a baby sandhill crane yesterday and today! 

IMG_7377 We were having dinner out on the deck tonight when a mama robin flew in and fed this little guy a worm.  He is sitting inside the corner posts of our deck and must have flown to get to that spot.  He doesn’t seem to be too interested in repeating the flying experience.  I waited patiently with the camera to see if she would feed him again but no such luck.

Michael went over to Lonn’s this morning to help with a broken sprinkler line and I quilted all day in between playing soccer with Emmi.  She discovered a soccer ball in the basement the other day and has been having a ball with it.  Today we took it outside and by the time she had chased that ball all over the yard she was one pooped puppy!

And that was about it for our day here in Montana.


  1. What a cute baby bird. Hope mama remembers to come back and feed it again!

  2. Okay- question for you - how many worms can a baby robin eat before it's full? I never thought about it until I read your post. I bet Emmi had a good time with you playing ball. And pooped puppies are nice and quiet puppies.

  3. Always so nice to see them baby Robin fellers taking flight in the Spring.


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