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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Trip To Billings

Since I had a dental appointment and an appointment for covering up the gray I took off early this morning in the little sports car unfortunately with the top up as it was cool and cloudy.  It rained on me off and on all day and it is raining now, I guess we used up our quota of sunshiny days!

I got lots accomplished today—did the Wal Mart run buying a bunch of pantry items and ran errands that I usually don’t do when Michael is with me—he is very patient but I still think he gets mighty bored!

Rick is a computer geek for sure.  Remember my complaints about losing the scroll bar when trying to leave comments on various blogs.  Rick has solved the problem!!!  I use Chrome as my browser and there is a strange setting in the background that I am fairly sure I’ve never tinkered with—but Rick suggested I reset back to defaults and by george it worked!!!!!  Thanks Rick!!

I read a quilting blog, Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara.  Judy lives near Joplin, MO where the awful tornado killed so many people.  Joplin is Judy’s Billings—that’s where she and her husband Vince do their major shopping.  Judy felt the need to do something for the people of Joplin and offered for every $25 you sent her for the Red Cross your name would be entered into a drawing for one of Judy’s quilts.  She has raised over $10,000!!!!!  That is just awesome, awesome!!!! 

Michael worked on a metal work project today and did some work on Joe and Tammy’s house.  Emmi helped him a lot I’m sure!

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  1. Rick is the 'go to guy'!!..glad he solved your dilemma!

  2. After that storm last night I was glad it was only raining today here in Billings. But it looks like rain the rest of the week. I'd like the sunshine from the week-end back please. Sometimes it's good to leave the guy at home so you can just kind of wander through the store if you want to.


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