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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey What Happened To Spring

Well, if you don’t like Montana weather, stick around it will change quickly!  Yesterday was a perfect weather day, today it got plumb hot as we say in the south!!! 

After yesterday’s wonderful trip we had planned to take it easy today.  On the agenda although was going over to Lonn’s to move the mini-excavator for him.  The little machine was located over on the backside of the ranch at the cabins and pond.  The drive over to the ranch is beautiful and the drive up and over the mountain to the backside is spectacular.IMG_7563 The wildflowers are everywhere in full, beautiful bloom.

Rollie even got to experience driving the little excavator—doesn’t he look like a pro??

IMG_7571 IMG_7569 But then the real pro took over for loading it into the trailer--IMG_7573

IMG_7567 IMG_7566 These are the two cabins—isn’t that the most beautiful of spots??

We left Lonn and LoraLee’s taking a short detour up the West Boulder Road and then headed home.  A quick lunch of ham sandwiches then Gina and I started quilting lessons.  While Michael and I were in Louisiana visiting them in late December Gina and I went to a quilt store, purchasing a pattern and fabric for a set of placemats.  Plans were to make those placemats in the desert this past winter but life intervened and Gina and Rollie had to head back to Louisiana earlier than expected.  So, today was the day.

Michael and Rollie spent the afternoon solving the world’s problems and discussing solar, oil production, etc.  So, we all had a very productive afternoon.  Emmi slept!

Rollie and Gina treated us to dinner tonight making crawfish etouffee that was simply delicious!  The crawfish came frozen in Gina’s luggage all the way from Houston!  We enjoyed the crawfish etouffee with rice, salad and homemade bread, YUM!!!  We all with the exception of Rollie enjoyed various combinations of cream cheese pound cake, strawberries and ice cream for dessert. 

Another great day with great friends.


  1. Definitely warm today and again tomorrow. Then we cool back down again. I want the 80's but we seemed to just kind of skip over them.
    Dinner sounded wonderful. Don't forget to post pictures of the placemats.

  2. Mmmmm, that crawfish etouffee sounds scrumptious, and what is dinner without desert.

    When you get done with the quilting lessons maybe you will have time to show Rollie how this blog thing works. He should write one someday!!!!

  3. those cabins are in a great spot!..what a view!! are so fortunate to live in Montana!!!

  4. Yes.....I want to see pictures of the placemats, too. Gina, you learn how to do that real good so you can help me make some for the Ranch and the Cabin! :-) The Crawfish Etoufee sounds delicious. Sorry we couldn't make it out while the kids are there but as you said the in the Blog, Janna, "life prevailed". Hugs to all.......

  5. OMG the scenery is just breath taking. Montana is my favorite State I have to say. Keep having fun with Rollie and Gina wish we were there.


  6. That excavator looks like fun but I would probably do more damage than good with it. Beautiful pics of the cabins.

  7. Yep, that cabin location has my name on it alright.


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