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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day

My Dad died in 2002 and while I miss him, Father’s Day is especially hard.  We had a very close relationship with him calling me “Big Daughter” because I am the oldest child.  I can still hear him say in that southern drawl of his, “now, Big Daughter.” 

Daddy was a long tall drink of water, skinny as a rail, ate like a horse and never gained a pound.  He loved children and resented anyone referring to their children as “kids”.  He would say, “they are not billy goats, they are children.” 

He was meticulous about his dress and hated to be late for anything.  If we kids stepped on the toes of his polished shoes we were in trouble.  Dad was a very kind man—cutting firewood for older people who couldn’t do it anymore, visiting older people and the sick. 

Dad didn’t have hobbies, work was his hobby.  He worked a fulltime job all his life, raised a huge garden, mowed acres of lawn and also helped his own Dad with the farm.  Every Sunday he was in church without fail.

Unfortunately life handed him a bad hand when he retired.  He developed a work related lung disease then rheumatoid arthritis.  He was only 72 years old when he died.  Happy Father’s Day, Dad, we miss you!

Lonn, LoraLee and Katie came over to have Father’s Day lunch with Michael and me.  Nat didn’t feel up to joining us so Michael and I went into town later and visited with him taking the fixings for root beer floats. 

For Father’s Day I gave Michael a subscription to  He has always had a keen interest in his ancestors and I thought he would enjoy this as a gift.  Well, I hit that one right on the head.  He spent a couple hours right off the bat researching this morning finding someone generations ago on his Dad’s side of the family that was born in Massachusetts in 1730!!!! 

Top My Dad

Nat & Laci Nat with his great granddaughter Laci. 

Happy Father’s Day


  1. Janna I remember you dad just as you described him. I also remember him being very quite.
    Michael I love my the first time I got on I spent 4 hours before I got up. That was when I found my gggrandfather in Tennessee. I get on nearly everynight looking for someone. It is very addictive.
    Happy Fathers day to both of you Michael and Nat.
    Vickie Ewing Sipes of Sheridan, AR

  2. happy father's day to you all...nice trip down memory lane!..what a great Dad you had!

  3. Happy Father's Day Michael! Janna..thanks for the comment on the carpet in the bedroom. I am still "pondering"...I'm waiting on the flooring guy to call me back so I'll have to make a decision soon. Hugs to both of you.........

  4. Great tribute to your Dad! If your Dad had been around today to read my blog he'd probably be leaving me a nasty comment as I referred to my 'children' as 'kids'. I'm going to have to change that for the future as I'll never shake the thought now that I could be calling the 'goats'!! Always something new to learn.

  5. Great memories of your father, happy fathers day.

  6. Father's Day is a tough day. I miss my Dad something fierce. But I had him with me for sixty years. I loved how you described your Father.


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