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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another One of Those Days

Those why we live in Montana kind of days—mostly sunny and warm, very warm in Billings which is where we headed with the top down this morning.  Lonn didn’t need his Dad’s services today so off we went—grass needed mowing, quilts needed quilting, weeds needed spraying but the convertible was calling.

A nice lunch at Jake’s sitting outside on the patio and a short stop at Costco (there is only so much you can put in a Toyota MR2!) and we were heading back west to retrieve the Emmi girl at Nat’s. 

Mom and Chuck are all settled in Yellowstone Park and started their jobs today. 

There are storm clouds brewing to the west—ran outside and got the lawn mowed a few minutes ago.  When we built this house I didn’t want any lawn—the previous house had way too much lawn and weed whacking.  We started out with just a small lawn patch in front that I could have mowed with a weed whacker.  Then someone who shall remain nameless had some extra sod and of course we just couldn’t let it go to waste, thus we have a back lawn too.  But seriously both lawns take me about 10 minutes to mow—I shouldn’t complain when I see the photos of how much lawn people like Rick and Karen In The Woods have to mow!  We have a riding mower for mowing the driveway edges and the area by the worm fence along the road.

It was a good day!


Two lazy, fat pasture ornaments sunning themselves.


  1. I hear what your saying about grass, grass, grass. I once leaned toward larger grassy areas myself many years ago but now prefer as little grass as possible. Much prefer the creativity, enjoyment & beauty of flower gardens now plus nature's own landscaping:))

  2. One of the beauties of being full lawn to mow! :)

  3. Maybe I should get a couple of lazy, fat pasture ornaments for by back yard - they'd have to be grass eating ornaments though!


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