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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Billings Trip

Jeez, two trips in one week—we would have taken the motorhome and spent a couple nights but we refuse to pay the Billings KOA $75 to stay in their crummy park.  Billings, MT has a bad reputation for being very RV unfriendly—no parking on any street or in any parking lot such as Wal Mart.  So, we made two trips this week.

I had a routine doctor’s appointment today and we had a Costco list a mile long!  Joe and Tammy who own our former ranch are coming Friday and we also picked up some groceries for them.  Got counter top and sink for the remodel project Michael is doing in the little toyhauler trailer we bought a few weeks ago. 

It was raining when we left and raining when we came home—may be time to build an ark!  

Mom and Chuck are back here with us tonight—they gave up on the job in Medora, ND—the flooded campground has not reopened and may not for a while.  So, they are heading to Yellowstone to work again—the people they worked for in the Park the last two years were anxious to have them back. 

Emmi and Nat kept each other entertained today while we were gone. 

Boy oh boy—the rivers around here are way full—and there is sure a lot of snow melt still to come!! 

This is my only photo that turned out today—my handsome cowboy:

IMG_2017 All the other photos of the swollen rivers were blurry.


  1. and a 'hansdsome cowboy' he is!!

  2. Being a good guy, he is, of course, wearing a white hat! :)

  3. Do you guys belong to the Elks? If so, you can park your RV at the Elks in Billings. And I am really tired of this rain. I told Jim I want to stay in AZ until July next year and he just had to remind me that our son is getting married June 24 here in Billings next year so that won't happen. Poor Roundup.

    I just love those cowboys. Great looking hat.

  4. Your handsome cowboy sure does look like a true Montana man! 75 bucks a night for a KOA??? Gak. Hope we don't have to park in Billings anytime soon.

  5. While I was taking my Grandson home from our four days at the Lake,we passed a travel trailer with Montana plates, I immediately thought of you guys and how cold it has been up your way and how we went right from cold to 105 heat index. Hope your weather improves. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


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