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Monday, June 13, 2011

How Dependant We Become

It is amazing how dependant we have become on the internet.  We were late getting home Saturday night after having dinner in Livingston with friends—I was lazy and didn’t write a blog.

Fast forward to Sunday morning, we all sat here early, reading blogs/news, etc.  About 8am our DSL died along with our phone.  We couldn’t make long distance calls and probably couldn’t receive long distance calls either.  Went on all day, I couldn’t even call the local telephone company to report the problem but later found out the lack of service involved the whole co-op telephone system.  This morning—we have internet and phone again. 

Saturday Mom mentioned she had broken a zipper in a vest—several years ago our Ben Franklin store in Big Timber closed thus we lost our source for items such as zippers and a lot of other things.  I called the quilt shop in Big Timber but no, the only zippers they had were too short.  Called the quilt shop in Livingston which is closer than either Billings or Bozeman and Gordy Ann had a zipper we thought would work.  AND—she was having 25% off all her fabric, so off Mom, Chuck and myself went to Livingston.

When we left headed to Livingston we noticed a huge black cloud building to the west—while we were gone it literally dumped rain and hail from the sky, our driveway washed severely and my garden is destroyed.  My tomato/squash/cucumber plants are unrecognizable.  The lettuce/spinach and strawberry plants survived.  I was so glad I had left all my planters containing my flowering plants and herbs under the eaves of the house.  Our weather has just been so strange—cold, very, very wet—actually beyond wet, we still have water running everywhere on this place.

Joe and Tammy had water problems over the weekend but were able to obtain a pressure tank in Bozeman and Michael installed it yesterday.  We all had dinner with them and their son Jeff last night—very enjoyable evening.

Mom and Chuck head for Yellowstone National Park and their summer work camping jobs this morning.  I hope to quilt and quilt and quilt!IMG_7267 IMG_7270 IMG_7268 These photos were taken probably a hour after the storm came through and some of the hail was still on the ground Sunday morning—that’s how cool it is here!!


  1. Once again, we were really blessed. We didn't get hail - just the torrential downpour. So sorry about your garden. I'm not sure we'll even have a decent summer this year. According to the weather forecasters (not that they are ever right) this whole summer is supposed to be volatile. Oh goodie. We're headed to Hell Creek tomorrow. Hopefully we can get through Roundup.

  2. now we all know you live in 'god's country' but god seems to be a wee bit angry this spring?..your poor garden!..only a few more weeks and Summer will arrive..well at least for the rest of us?

  3. We sure wondered what happened to you....was about to start worrying!

    That same storm hit us just about 9:15 PM ,,,,same drifts of hail and a ton of rain....I didn't have my rain gauge up yet, but I know it was a few inches. Thankfully we are on a hill. It was dark but I could still see water all over the place......The hail wasn't damaging, thankfully!
    I think I saw Montana floating by up here.... It looks less and less like we will be coming up that way.

    Better start building that ark...

    Be Safe!

  4. You sure have bad luck with the weather. Hopefully it will change soon. We had a great day yesterday but this morning it looks dull and dreary and surely will rain. Weather has been strange all over the world.

  5. That would be soooooo disappointing about the garden. This certainly has been the year for terrible weather. Looks to me like Arizona & New Mexico are two of the saftest States to live in when it comes natural disasters & bad weather...

  6. I would be in tears over the tomatoes! :(

  7. So sorry about the seedlings. Can you get some small plants at a garden center that are about the same size and continue on? You must have been so disappointed, I'm glad at least some made it through. Hope it warms up soon for you. :)


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