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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finally, NO RAIN

Our first day without rain in over a week!!!  The sunshine was beautiful and even though the wind blew it was still warm—a great day!

After our walk down the driveway this morning both of us started off to accomplish various projects.  Michael drove up the Boulder to look at a project to build a fireplace insert and I started loading another quilt onto the frame.

We had a great lunch—halibut, baked potatoes, salad and homemade bread.  Tammy arrived shortly after we finished lunch and the three of us took off on a hike.  Unfortunately due to the fact there are cows with calves in the pastures above us we couldn’t take any of the dogs—Tammy’s two 80 pound puppies or Emmi.  Cows can be very protective of their babies and even though the dogs might be leashed, cows can become very aggressive protecting their young.  So, better safe than sorry—we left the pooches at home.  We hiked up into the foothills to show Tammy where the earth slide happened that roared down our creek and stopped up the irrigation ditches.  It was a great hike, sunshine, beautiful scenery and wild flowers.

At one point a little slithery snake scared the daylights out of Tammy and me—we both did a little jig and screamed a little! 

Tonight we had our friends and neighbors including Tammy up for a little wine and cheese.  I made some killer guacamole and other simple appetizers.  It was a very pleasant evening

Shirley was pleased with her little quilt:

 IMG_7283  IMG_7281

IMG_7287 She is not happy we have invaded her territory—look at that crook in her tail!





  1. ahh, Janna, what gorgeous skies, mountains, flowers. Haven't seen that Arrowleaf Balsamroot since I left northern Idaho where I mapped soils for a couple dozen years. Your little quilt is lovely, too.

  2. nice work on the quilt, Janna! ..I can see why Shirley is so happy with it!!

  3. What a nice walk through the hills and fields... and that quilt is just amazing that you can get all those pinwheel shapes to even out and not make any rumples!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Beautiful quilt. Who wouldn't be pleased with it. Definitely need to stay away from mamas regardless if they're cows or bears or birds. Great pictures and it was beautiful yesterday. Really fought the wind getting to Jordan but sunshine most of the way.

  5. Ah Jana, beautiful pictures, hike and even the cows! LOVe that quilt - nice colour combination and of course, your quilting is exquisite!


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