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Sunday, June 26, 2011

They Are Here

We were up early to start for the airport in Billings but not near as early as Rollie and Gina were up in Houston to get to the airport for their departure so as to arrive in Billings at 9:35AM, yes AM!   We were so glad to see them, Gina and I just hugged and hugged and shed a couple tears—it was just so good to see our friends.

And of course the Clarks had errands to run in the big city.  Mike and Rollie made a quick Harbor Freight stop and then we all made a 2 shopping cart stop at Costco.  We then wanted to take them to a local kind of restaurant for lunch but because it was Sunday—no dice—we had to settle for Famous Dave’s which was good even if it was a chain.

We retrieved the Emmi girl at Nat’s and came home to unload the massive Costco run.  After settling Rollie and Gina in the motorhome we all headed up to the local tourist attraction, Natural Bridge State Park.

I’ve blogged about Natural Bridge several times.  The entire Boulder River during most times of the year goes entirely through a hole in the bedrock shooting out into a deep pool. 

Gina and Rollie in front of the fallsThis photo was taken in August, 2010.  You can just see the river in the middle top of the photo.

In times of high water the entire Boulder River spills over and through various holes of the “natural bridge” forming a spectacular falls.IMG_7483 Quite the change isn’t it??  The sound of the falls is amazing, you can feel the spray—a totally different change of scenery.

IMG_7480 IMG_7481 Happy hour on the deck—what a wonderful way to end Gina and Rollie’s first day here in Montana.  We are so blessed to have these guys as friends!


  1. That is a LOT of water - what a difference a year makes.

    Hope you found a place to stash all your Costco goodies!!

  2. Cheers to you all!..have a fabulous time!!..nothing like a visit with good friends to make life seem so much better!!

  3. Wish we were there. :-( The "kids" look great! Give them a BIG HUG for us! Hugs to all..........

  4. So fun to have good friends come to visit. Have a wonderful time. Going to be hot this week. Life is good.

  5. What a beautiful spot, those waterfalls are spectacular!

  6. Hooray!! So glad to hear Rollie and Gina are OK and best wishes to you all for a great time together!
    Don in Okla.
    PS You folks live in a veritable paradise. Here in the panhandle, we are suffering through a historic drought and it was 113 yesterday!! No crops and no pasture.

  7. You sound so HAPPY! I'm glad your friends are there, I'll bet you'll be cooking up some fabulous meals. Have a wonderful time!

  8. Awesome pictures...Did you notice that Rollie has the same tee shirt in both pictures? Just struck me as funny.


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