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Friday, June 3, 2011

Still Squishy

Another beautiful morning but it didn’t take long for that blustery wind to come back, dang it!  And only 51 degrees for a high!

We thought the mud was dry enough in the garden area for us to get things ready for planting--not—still pretty squishy back there.  I did get some raspberry plants I ordered from Gurney’s planted.  Maybe the sun and wind will dry the ground by Sunday or so.

Michael did some more clean up work in the yard and I took the riding mower and mowed some of our walking paths through the hayfields.  We like to see those rattlesnakes before they see us!!!

Judy left a comment on yesterday’s blog “What happens to the pasture ornaments in the winter when you are gone?”  The two horses have shelter which they use (they leave lots of little presents in their shelter, that’s how I know it is used :)) and three round bale feeders.  We leave the round bale feeders full of hay and Michael’s son Lonn comes over and fills the feeders a couple times a winter.  Our land is south facing meaning the snow melts off quicker than other places.  Here in Montana we might get a foot of snow then a chinook (warmish) wind which either melts the snow or blows it away leaving plenty of forage for the horses.  We have a running creek on our property which doesn’t freeze.  So our fat babies are quite spoiled!

After lunch we drove over to the West Boulder for another load of firewood. 

IMG_7245 IMG_7241 That body of water you see is not normally there—all that water accumulated from runoff during the rains.IMG_7238IMG_7246West Boulder River—the photo doesn’t show it well but the river is extremely muddy—no fishing going on around here!

OK, bloggers here is another question for you.  Remember when we were all having problems posting comments and leaving comments?  Well, a while before that little problem started I began to have another one—when I try to leave a comment on say Rick’s blog, the little comment box will pop up and I can see other folk’s comments but there is no scroll bar on the right side for me to use to scroll down so I can type a comment—I can only see the comments, I can’t go anywhere unless I maximize the little box!!!  Happens on everyone’s blog including my own!!!  Now how strange is that??


  1. the box is here!...not maximized either!..have a great weekend!

  2. Tomorrow looks to be a much better day weather wise when I checked Billings weather. Hopefully it will be for you guys, also. I'm not having the problem with the comment box. Mine seems to be working okay.

  3. Janna, are you using Firefox as your browser? If you are, then it's definitely a Firefox issue rather than Blogger.

    There is a pretty simple fix for this problem, so let me know and I can send it to you.

  4. Lucky ornaments- all play and no work.

    I do not have any idea on the comment box, as i get the scroll on all comment boxes including yours.

    I am sure Rick will know, but I would guess it may be your browser settings??


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