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Friday, June 10, 2011

Life Is Good

The sun is out, the temps are warmer, life is good!  When we sold our former ranch several years ago we developed a friendship with the couple who purchased the place, Joe and Tammy.  We had built a huge barn/shed on the property and Joe and Tammy give us the use of that building—in return we do things such as winterize and open the house, mow the grass and give the house a once over when they are scheduled to arrive.  Mom, Chuck and I gave the house a good cleaning this morning before lunch. 

Michael has been busy with equipment maintenance this afternoon after delivering the metal work projects to Geoff and Nancy—Mike reworked a firewood rack that turned out really well.

After lunch I made a rhubarb cake and two batches of cookies—oatmeal/chocolate chip/pecan and snickerdoodles (my favorite) taking a batch down to the other house so Joe, Tammy and the boys will have some when they arrive. 

Mom and Chuck drove into town this afternoon and brought back some of the correct beer—Joe is an executive with a large brewing company—couldn’t offer him a Coors Light for goodness sakes, now could we???



  1. That's funny - my son has a friend who works for a brewing company, too, and he always serves the "appropriate" brew when that friend is there. Glad your weather finally cooperated. Hope it holds.

  2. very neighbourly of you!..can we move in next door?

  3. If you have any left over Snickerdoodles, I would gladly give them a good home!

  4. Coors light? Probably not a good idea.And the sun felt so good today. My mood is definitely improving.

  5. Paulette made a Rhubarb Cake yesterday as well, but didn't make any chocolate chip cookies or snickerdoodles! Just as well, I guess. Like you say, life is good!

  6. A while back you posted a recipe that was pretzels and it was baked ,I believe. I lost my copy. Would mind sharing it again? Or email me
    Thanks I would so appreciate it.
    I usually only stalk blogs and don't comment much. I love your blog and noticed that we almost crossed paths many times this past winter down in the south.


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