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Monday, June 20, 2011

Nerves Of Steel

That’s what my husband has when it comes to running equipment perched on the side of a steep hill!  At the end of May when we got the massive amounts of rain two huge rocks slid into the irrigation ditch over on Joe and Tammy’s place stopping the flow of water and causing the ditch to overflow.  Today was one of the first days Michael felt safe enough on the wet ditch bank to try and repair the wash out.

IMG_7327  The wash out—this is a very steep hillside.IMG_7347 IMG_7325 IMG_7348 Photos of the work in progress, at one time Michael got stuck in the irrigation ditch and almost turned the little machine over—took him a hour to get unstuck!

IMG_7346 All fixed. 

I spent the day finishing up Aunt Margaret’s quilt, doing laundry and other chores.  I’ve almost got another customer quilt on the frame, too.  Emmi spent the day throwing a duck at me! 

This afternoon the weather turned nice—sunny and warm.  By week’s end we should be at 80 degrees!! 

IMG_7308-1 Sunset last night.


  1. boy oh boy, Mike is brave to be perched on the side of the cliff!!

  2. 80 degrees... so summer is really coming back afterall??

    Nerves of steel is right - I could hardly look at the photos!

  3. Wow! Clearly I am not cut out to live in the country, I would have turned it over.

  4. It looks like more than a little machine to me and I agree - he must have nerves of steel. I would be a mess worrying about him. But what a great piece of work to have done. Gorgeous sunset picture. 80's - yea!!

  5. Lovely sunset picture. Hope you get that really warm day that has been promised.

    That looks like a scary repair! So steep. Glad it's over.

  6. I can understand the enjoyment Mike gets from operating that little digger & back hoe machine. Having operated tow motors in a factory situation years ago I remember how much I liked working the controls simultaneously to operate the machine in a really smooth fashion. It's one of those things where the more you do, the better you get.

  7. You were brave even to look long enough to take those pictures. Looks like a dangerous job. Take care!!

  8. Here I thought I was the only crazy blogger for walking around on roofs! Mike's got me beat by a country mile. That was some scary cliff!!


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