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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just A Thursday

I’ve kept a journal for many years and looked back at last year’s weather notations in the journal—same kind of weather, cool and rainy.  Today was just downright cold!  And cloudy!!  And miserable!!

So, I quilted and quilted some more—makes it easy to decide what to do when the weather outside is crummy! 

We had tacos for lunch—Michael had beef and I had fish—Yum! 

Poor little Emmi is wondering who in the world cut her hair all off when the weather is so cold!  She doesn’t like being outside right now and wants to be on her bed covered with her blanket or in Michael’s lap, poor baby.

Michael took delivery of a load of steel this morning—the steel company delivers to the mine located several miles up the road from us and are very obliging,  delivering to us when we need something.  After lunch he headed over to Lonn’s to help with a couple quick projects.

And that’s all we did today!  My heart goes out to those poor people in Arizona who have lost their homes in those awful fires. 

My friend Cheryl called while she was driving home from work today near Dallas and said it was 105 degrees!  Maybe I shouldn’t complain about our 48 degrees today, you think"???

IMG_7256 Recycled!  But it’s what it was today.


  1. We actually had a beautiful day here in Hell Creek. Rained all night last night but today was sunny and in the upper 60's. It is so sad about the fires in Arizona - all the people who have lost everything and all the animals that are being killed by the fires or have lost their homes also. Wish we could ship some of weather down to them.

  2. It's no wonder you go to the desert for the winter! :)

  3. I thought you were sending us some sunshine, I guess it must have got lost enroute, we just got another 1 1/2 inches of rain. Guess it is good for the trees but we could really use some sunshine and heat for our crops. Not Arizona type of heat but maybe just a little 60 degree day or two would be nice.

  4. fish tacos seem to be getting more and more popular!!??

  5. I hope the person who finds the best place weather wise to live will let us all know. It may get a bit crowded, but with perfect weather it will not matter.

    Last few weeks we were very hot and now we are getting wet and cold and we are still planning to move farther north?


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