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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our First Real Spring Like Day

While talking to my sister yesterday she mentioned it was 101 degrees in Arkansas—and we didn’t even reach 60 yesterday.  What’s up with the weather everywhere??  Arizona is on fire, the southern US has drought conditions and here in Montana we are about to float away!  But today was perfect here in Montana, don’t know what the temp was but it was warm—I was mowing the grass in a tank top—a first since we got home!

Lonn was having some issues on the ranch today that required the presence of his Dad and his excavator—here at almost 7pm and Michael isn’t home yet.

When I got back from town this morning I started working in the garden—the soil is still just a little too wet and I couldn’t get the NEW tiller started—I have a blister on my finger from pulling the starter rope, GRRRRR!  So, I walked off and left it climbing on the riding mower which started immediately—thank goodness!  Mowed the edges of the driveway and down by the worm fence near the road.  Didn’t have the energy to do the weed whacking, that will have to wait for another day.

Finished mowing and gave the NEW tiller another chance, it started on about the 20th pull—something will have to be done about that, it cost too much to give me that kind of fits!!!  I tilled the soil as much as I could, maybe turning it over will make it dry quicker.

I was a dusty, muddy, (yes on this place you can be dusty and muddy in one day!) dirty mess when I came in the house but am now showered with my feet up waiting for Michael to get home.  The house smells wonderful, I am doing something I have never done before—roasting a chicken!  The RV Goddess not too long ago mentioned roasting chickens and had an easy, full proof sounding recipe on her blog—we will see how my bird turns out! 

IMG_7250 See the shovel Michael is dragging down the freshly mowed path—Emmi just has a fit when you get the shovel out, she wants to chase and bark at the shovel.

IMG_7248 IMG_7249 Don’t our mountains look gorgeous with the contrast of blue sky, white mountains and green, green grass!


  1. This cool weather is getting on my nerves. We are heading to Dogpound South on July 2nd so should warm up a little down

    Up here north of the Medicine Line we left the worms run free, no fences for them here.

  2. We're now in Billings and I agree, the weather was perfect today. But I was really surprised to see all the snow that is still on the mountains this late in the year. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful too. I can hardly wait.

  3. the green green grass of home!..just lovely!!

  4. I, too, get very frustrated with mechanical engines that just won't start. Guess I just don't have the pulling power I used to. :(

  5. I had the same frustrations with my stupid Stihl weedwacker yesterday. I'm going to give it a good 'wack' today if it won't start.

  6. Love your pictures. Your area is very beautiful Hope your weather stays good.

  7. Yes, beautiful. I can see why people want to live there, especially late spring through early fall.

    My DH is very proud of the fact he's only bought one lawn mower in 40yrs. so everything we have is cobbled together old crap that somebody gave him when they couldn't make it work. They're all quirky, tricky to start, etc. I DON'T MOW. Or till.


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