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Monday, June 13, 2011

And They Are Gone

IMG_7273 Mom and Chuck headed down the driveway this morning on their way to Big Timber to wash the motorhome and car then on to Yellowstone.  We will miss them but I know they were anxious to start their new jobs.

Michael, Emmi and I took a walk this morning then Michael began preparations for taking machinery over to Lonn’s to start a project.  I started the washing machine and even got to hang my sheets outside—we had partly cloudy skies for most of the day.

Started and finished a customer quilt—will post photos after I have delivered the quilt to Shirley.  Worked on getting another quilt on the frame but hit a snag—didn’t have the correct thread color so have ordered some. 

About the time Michael came home this evening the skies opened and we got a little storm again.  I think with all the snow still in the mountains and the moisture laden ground we are destined to have storms every day for a while.  Michael and his Dad remember in 1980 the weather patterns were very similar to this year and it didn’t stop raining until July 15!!  Michael said he had a heck of a time getting hay dry enough to bale that year.

IMG_7276 IMG_7265


  1. I never tire of the mountain views out your window! :)

  2. Those mountains are just beautiful.

  3. we wish your Mom and Chuck a safe journey to their new 'jobs'!!..I don't know how you get anything done with a view like that!!

  4. There sure is a lot of snow in them thar hills! Hope your weather warms up and dries out soon. Wonder how cold it will be in Yellowstone. Are your mom and Chuck working at one of the campgrounds?

  5. Those mountain pics are always beautiful.


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