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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Convertible Day!

Top down under bright blue skies we headed for Yellowstone Park this morning leaving Miss Emmi with Nat.  We are so fortunate to live as close as we do to the Park—unfortunately tis the season in Yellowstone, the season for the tourists that is.  The park was very crowded today and Michael thinks we won’t be going back until fall!

Leaving Mammoth we headed toward Tower Junction and ran into one huge tourist jam—had to be something big and it was:

See her cub against her rear leg?IMG_1938   IMG_1939 People had stopped their vehicles right in the middle of the road and abandoned them to go take photos—was making the rangers right cranky!

After that excitement we headed on toward Cooke City seeing lots of this:IMG_1944 and these guys, hundreds of these guys:IMG_1950 Those little brown dots are buffalo.  For some strange reason I left my good camera at home today and only had the one I carry in my purse all the time.  It too is a Canon but doesn’t have the best of zooms.

We stopped for lunch beside the Lamar River and continued on to Cooke City.  Turned around coming back the same way and in almost the exact same spot we ran into another tourist jam and cranky rangers.  The people and cars were everywhere so I took my seat belt off and knelt in the seat so I could take photos as Michael tried to navigate the people and cars—as we slowly passed a female ranger in a suburban—she yelled at me, “seatbelt, seatbelt.”  Yes ma-am as soon as I get my photos taken!!!IMG_1973-1

IMG_1978 How cool is that, she had two cubs.  Both mama bears were black bears. 

I love Yellowstone Park and yes, we do see bears right here at home frequently in the summer but there is just something about the park!!! 

IMG_1981 This guy hadn’t lost all his winter coat but was starting a nice set of antlers covered in velvet.

We had a great day!  Stopped at Nat’s to retrieve Emmi and had pizza supper with him.  Just a beautiful Sunday!


  1. We try to avoid the park in the summer. But I love seeing all the animals - the real ones not the tourist ones.

  2. I always loved getting caught in one of those bear jams in the park when we were touring with the MG and the top was down. Figured that ol griz would think we were oysters on the half shell.

  3. ours was a topless Sunday too!! bear jams..just messy hair..good hat day!!!

  4. Our son & daughter-in-law just love the park too. They've been there three times since 2004. They're bear and wolf crazy. Won't be going this year though since they bought an acreage and are totally redoing the house and put in a BIG garden. Good thing they're young and have lots of energy & stamina. :)

  5. That sounds like a great day...except for the traffic!! We are planning a trip to Yellowstone right after Labor Day this year (hopefully!). Love that place.

  6. It's been over 19 years since I've been to Yellowstone & I remember what a wonderful place it was..... except for all the people of course.

  7. All I can say is "WOW". What a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We've only been to Yellowstone once and we didn't see one bear and you got to see 2 mamas and their cubs. How neat is that! They kept telling us to watch out for the bears and I kept looking but I didn't see any. Maybe one day, we'll go back and try again. We don't have bears in the Custer area....only Buffalo and Mountain Lions. We're "almost" settled back in on our "little piece of Heaven". It's nice to be "home". Hugs.......

  8. Despite all the tourists, Yellowstone is worth the trip to me no matter what! :)


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