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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whew I’m Tired

Today was the day for yard work—guess I was feeling sorry for Rick and decided to join him!  I mowed and weed whacked around the worm fence down at the road, mowed Joe and Tammy’s yard, mowed our lane, the walking paths through the pastures and weed whacked around the yard.  That was enough for one day!

Michael was in the shop all day building wood burning stoves—yes, the man can build stoves.  We had one of his stoves in our former house and it worked very well!  There are many of his stoves in houses in this community and everyone loves how well they work.  Michael is building one for us to put downstairs in the basement and a fireplace insert for a client. 

We didn’t need a stove today—it was our warmest day so far.  Thunder clouds built up this afternoon but so far only a little sprinkle of rain. 

Nat came for lunch and we had pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw and oven fried potatoes, YUM! 

The little robin was still sitting on the deck rail when we got up this morning but about a hour later he was gone—guess he got brave enough to fly.IMG_7385

Emmi loves that soccer ball!IMG_7391 IMG_7390


  1. I am a little tired just reading all you did today!

  2. I am tired too, today! glad we don't have to do yard work..most days just doing the housework and laundry is more than enough! working full time..blech!

  3. I'm glad you worked today because I was so tired I took the entire day off and just loafed around.

    Looks like you've got a great little soccer player there.

  4. That ball is almost bigger than she is. How fun. I really am thankful we don't have any yard work anymore.


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