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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boy Did The Wind Blow

When I stepped outside to feed the birds early this morning I thought I had been transported back in time to March in Arizona.  It was 52 degrees at 7am—we had a great walk, saw some sandhill cranes in our pasture and noticed that finally, our leaves have appeared.


About lunch time the wind kicked up and it blew and blew the rest of the day.  I went into Big Timber this afternoon and thought the wind was going to send the Jeep with Emmi and me in it skittering across someone’s pasture!  I had to really hold onto the doors when I stopped somewhere.  Ran a bunch of errands such as picking up salt blocks for our pasture ornament horses who are way too fat!

I delivered a customer quilt to Mary P. today and she was very happy with it!  It was such a sweet, spring time quilt, a pleasure to work on.

IMG_7222 IMG_7220 IMG_7221-1

Michael had a really busy day, early this morning he drove up to Claire and Robyn’s to help Claire figure out how to maintain their tractor.  After lunch he headed over to Lonn and LoraLee’s—it was branding day—they had a good crew, lots of fun and a good meal to end the day. 

I on the other hand arrived back home from town just in time to be invited down to George and Shirley’s for a glass of wine.

A good day in Montana. 


  1. sounds like a good day in Montana!..but you know from our vantage point even a bad day looks pretty darn good!
    Great job on 'the quilt'!..beautiful work!!

  2. I have never thought of horses as ornaments. But if you wanted to decorate a pasture, that would make sense. Now fat ornaments-that's funny:)

  3. Janna, the photos of your surroundings on your last few posts - spectacular! What beauty! And I love the quilt you delivered today. Glad you blew home safely.

  4. I love that quilt. Hope your wind will stop soon. We had a mixed day but no rain. It should get nice for the next week. I wish the same for your weather.

  5. At least it sounds like you are drying out. I am always amazed when I see your so beautiful and the quilting stitches add so much to the overall design. Glad you had a good day.

  6. That is a BEAUTIFUL quilt !


  7. Janna, your quilting on my quilt is so beautiful!!! The different patterns you used are absolutely perfect. You are truly an artist.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful work and your even better friendship! Mary

  8. What happens to the pasture ornaments in the winter when you are gone?

  9. That quilt is so beautiful. I love the colors. It's a beautiful day here on Lake De Smet near Buffalo. Into Billings tomorrow so I'm still hoping for good weather again.

  10. You are one talented lady Janna. I need to start thinking about what kind of quilt I want you to make for me. Our weather is so similar that I can't believe we live in different countries.

    Take Care

  11. I kind of miss those strong desert winds. NOT!!!!

    Beautiful job on the quilt.


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