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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Getting Lazy

Two Friday’s in a row and I haven’t posted a blog, am I getting lazy or just tired??  We were in town having dinner with friends Jill and Terry not arriving back home until late—so I guess I was lazy!

Yesterday I worked on a customer quilt and a little other sewing of my own.  Made lunch and got ready to go to town.  Emmi has been limping since Wednesday.  She isn’t licking or chewing on her paw so we didn’t think she had a sticker or something such as that in her paw.  The paw/lower leg was very tender and she really didn’t want you messing with it.  So off to see the vet yesterday.  The vet clinic in Big Timber is extremely laid back—Emmi was examined with the vet crawling around on the floor with her and of course she wouldn’t limp for him.  He suggested we forgo the expense of x-rays and instead give her some anti-inflammatory meds for a few days, restrict her exercise (ya, right!) and see what happens by Monday.  There are three vets at this clinic and we love them all along with the secretary/bookkeeper/chief cleaner—Deb.

Dinner with Jill and Terry last night at the Grand was good—ate too much as usual when you go out to eat.  Emmi stayed with Nat while we dined.

Today we put weatherproofing on Joe and Tammy’s deck—let’s hope the rain holds off long enough for the stuff to mostly dry!

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  1. Nice to see those bright green spring leaves, wait isn't it almost summer. I was thinking the other day if some of our leaves didn't hurry up they might have to come out yellow.

  2. Since arriving in Indiana, I'm finding that there are some days that there just isn't anything worth blogging about...

  3. sure hope Emmi is feeling better soon!..we have all been there sitting in the vet office wondering what kind of news we are going to get...
    Some days just aren't is not laziness..just a nothing day with nothing to write about..I have plenty of those!

  4. I was very touched to recieve a symapthy card from the vet where I had to put my cat to sleep. He seemed very caring and understanding. Hope Emmi is better soon.

  5. Poor Emmi! It's so hard when our pets can't tell us what's bothering them. Hopefully she'll be back to normal in just a few days.

  6. Hope Emmi is feeling better. Maybe the meds will help. Love the pictures. We're still getting some rain here and the temps are pretty cool but everything is really green and beautiful. Hugs.............


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