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Monday, June 6, 2011

One Busy Day For Sure

Oh my poor aching body!  Weed whacking, laundry, cleaning house, tilled the garden soil (again), planted the garden and fixed two meals.  Do you think that was enough for today??? 

I started several plants from seeds when we first got home from Arizona—tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, sunflowers, etc.  The plants had started to get really leggy and sickly looking so today I put the things in the ground.  If they live great, if they don’t I guess I will be going to the farmer’s market!

It is so nice to have a clean house—wish it could stay that way all the time but that’s not going to happen with an Emmi dog and Michael in residence!

Michael did a little work down at Joe and Tammy’s this morning and after lunch he headed back over to Lonn’s.

We are in the midst of a thunderstorm as I type this blog—of course, it will probably beat to death/drown my newly planted garden plants!

  Ok, first Blogger now Live Writer—can’t publish with a photo tonight!

Now I think it is time to sit back, prop my feet up and have a glass of wine!


  1. Thanks for the tip, I will stop trying to publish my blog till this latest issue is resolved.

  2. have a couple of glasses!..Cheers, Janna!..sounds like you earned it!!

  3. oh No. I thought the blogger problems were finally going away. Hope your plants are ok, we sure could use some spring time weather out here in the west!

  4. Hey, I thought I worked pretty hard today but nothing like you did. Definitely time to put your feet up and enjoy that glass of wine.

  5. Hope your garden survived the rain storm. I am just hoping my tomatoes survive this Texas heat!

    Don't work too hard. Hugs to you all.

  6. I get tired just reading about all the work you did. Sure puts me to shame. I had trouble posting last night too but in the end it worked.


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