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Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Busy Day

After our walk in shirtsleeves again Michael took off with the excavator for Robyn and Claire’s to repair some of their driveway damage which happened in late May when we had all the heavy rain.IMG_7393

I weeded a flower bed, did a little cleaning in the motorhome and got started on cleaning the jeep.  The jeep still contained some Arizona dust I think and a whole lot of East Boulder Road mud!  It is so nice, clean and shiny now.  IMG_7402

The excitement is building, Rollie and Gina arrive on Sunday!  I baked a cream cheese pound cake this afternoon especially for Rollie—I can’t remember how many of those cakes I baked last summer when they were here.  We are so happy our friends are coming to see us.  We are hoping Mike and Pat will also find a way to come visit too but they sure have a lot going on—finishing up the cabin, making a trike out of a bike and all sorts of things!  We would love to see them, too.

After Michael got home I started cleaning on the dually truck.  What a mess—I think there was a whole lot of East Boulder Road mud in that one!  When I came inside to make supper Michael washed the truck.  It is sure to rain now with two really clean vehicles!  Just as we were sitting down to supper the thunderstorm came—see, it just doesn’t pay to wash vehicles!

A customer, Beccy, came by and dropped off two quilts for quilting—one a very soft, feminine pinkish quilt and the other a bright, vivid color scheme. 

Since it is still Father’s Day week I can talk about my Dad.  Every time I wash  vehicles or clean the interior of one I think of him.  Daddy loved new cars and wanted the cars clean ALL the time.  Mom and Dad lived on a gravel road so keeping the vehicles clean was almost a full time job but somehow he managed!  When my vehicle gets too dirty I can almost hear Daddy preaching at me!  IMG_7397 Wild iris, isn’t it beautiful!!

IMG_7407 These last couple warm days have really made my columbine pop!


  1. the blooming flower pictures are lovely!!..what time are you serving the cake?..

  2. That is a very nice way to remember your Dad :)

  3. Love that pic of Emmi flying down the trail! I think I might love the taste of that Cream Cheese Pound cake more though!

  4. I like the way you talk about your Dad. I was never close to mine and am so happy that our 2 girls love their Dad so very much. Beautiful picture of the blue flower.


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