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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer

And at last we have some warmth and sunshine.  We took our walk in shirt sleeves this morning—a first!  A beautiful day!

Michael spent another day in the excavator perched up high on the bank of another irrigation ditch cleaning out the last of the mud, debris and silt the May earth slide sent down our irrigation ditch.  What a mess!  I walked over and took him lunch and later in the afternoon a snack.  Emmi was quiet upset that she did not get to go—the cows and their calves are still in that pasture so no dogs. 

In between all my walks (I sure got my exercise today) I worked on a customer quilt.  I’ve used black light chalk to trace stencils onto quilts several times but today was just not the day to use it—I think the entire quilt studio will glow in the dark now as big a mess I made!

Mom and Chuck had a day off from their jobs in Yellowstone Park and took a drive out into the Lamar Valley.  Today was a banner wildlife day for them—saw 2 young grizzly bears, a black bear and two mama moose with babies!!!!  Now that’s a great day in the Park!

Chucks Moose and Baby Chuck got a great shot of the one pair, didn’t he!

IMG_7363 The only wildlife we saw today—this sandhill crane was by himself, unusual.

IMG_7364 Chokecherry jelly in the making.

IMG_7371 That’s the roof of our house viewed from up on the irrigation ditch in the neighbor’s pasture.


  1. That is a great combo of wildlife in one day. we never were that lucky in one day there.

  2. glad that summer has arrived in your neck of the woods! least for a few days!!

  3. Wasn't today just wonderful. I so enjoyed the sunshine. But then the weather person said something about severe thunder storms on Thursday here in Billings. I really need to quit listening to the weather. Look at how green it is at your house!

  4. That shot of the moose and little one is a beauty. I hope they were in the car when they saw the 2 grizzly bears. Those guys are scary animals.


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