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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere

In twelve days we have had over a foot of rain—unheard of for this country!  Elk Creek Road just up from us has a washed out bridge and the several residents there are stuck.  Our friends George and Shirley have water in their basement.  We have earth sloughing off from the hillside all up and down the driveway.  Our little babbling creek is a roaring torrent--

 IMG_6990 IMG_6973 IMG_6967 



 IMG_6986This is the torrent of water heading down George and Shirley’s driveway.    And it hasn’t stopped yet, it sprinkled rain all day with no accumulation but certainly nothing dried up! 

Mary braved the weather and came over this morning to try out the Juki quilting machine—she quilted a little baby quilt completely and was thrilled with the machine leaving me a deposit for it.  When her little quilting area is finished Michael and I will deliver it and set it up for her. 

On our slog through all the mud and water this morning we were again attacked by the psychotic chicken (dusky grouse)!!!!  Here are two photos of how close this stupid MALE bird is getting to usIMG_6977 That’s my foot!

IMG_6979 And that’s Michael!  That bird is mentally deranged and I want him to know I am NOT his girlfriend, go somewhere else!!!

And that’s another day in rainy/gray Montana.


  1. My goodness, that's a lot of water. Sure hope it dries up there soon. Stay safe, and don't let that crazy bird get to you either!!

  2. Just do the chicken dance with him! :)

  3. I love Judy's suggestion. He must have flown into one too many windows.
    I can't believe all the water you have running up there. It needs to stop so we can get to Billings.

  4. If that Chicken gets to pickin I figure you may have to do some kickin & a Grouse in the house is better than a Mouse. Especially if you brought him all the way home from.....Bouse:)) I think you guys better trade in those hiking boots & running shoes for hip waders & maybe ya better carry a set of oars in the Jeep.......

  5. Do you think the grouse is protecting a nest? He is so small, I kind of feel sorry for him.

    I hope your rain stops soon - what a winter!!!

  6. I am still thinking that if he does not give it up, grouse still could be in the dinner menu.

  7. psycho bird!!!...hope the weather improves soon!!


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