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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Windshield

We took the truck into our local glass dealer this morning for the installation of a new windshield.  It is a common joke on the Montana Craigslist sometimes when people are selling vehicles here.  The ad will say, “has the usual Montana cracked windshield.”  In our neck of the woods in winter sand is spread on the roads instead of salt—sometimes the sand gets a little bigger grained than necessary, thus all the broken windshields.  Just a part of living in paradise!

After dropping off the truck I took Michael out to Jill’s where he worked hard all day and finished the sprinkler system with the exception of installing two small sprinklers tomorrow—he’s tired but happy!

When I got home I delivered Shirley’s quilt—her little triangle quilt which I guess I forgot to take a photo of since I can’t find one if I did!  We exchanged magazines and talked about our barter idea.  Shirley knits incredible sweaters, beautiful things—we are going to exchange services—quilting for knitting me a sweater!  Now I have to pick out yarn!

I loaded a customer quilt on the frame today and played with the flowers some more.  Here is a photo of my flower garden indoors for the time being—probably until the end of May.  IMG_6925 On nice days which seem to be few and far between I will carry them outside onto the deck. 

Lonn, LoraLee and Charlie came over this afternoon late and got a load of hay.  Lonn is hoping to ward off a snowstorm by getting hay.  His theory is that if he didn’t get more hay we would have a blizzard, if he got hay it wouldn’t snow—so let’s hope he has warded off a blizzard.


  1. What a busy day. Although I know nothing about flowers, I do know that your little indoor flowers look pretty nice!

  2. nice garden but I am sure you will like it better when it can go outside!!..bartering is a great way to get different things..good for you!!

  3. Hauling plants in and out is no fun. I am doing the same. We need warmth to feed our souls.


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