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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Quilt Retreat

Well, the 2011 Spring Quilt Retreat is history.  I arrived back home just a little after 4pm this afternoon.  As you can see from the slide show, we quilters accomplished a lot!  Not only did we get a lot of quilting projects finished we went to a Mardi Gras festival complete with an imported King Cake.  We were entertained by an expert banjo player who just happens to be married to the chef!  Plenty of wine was consumed and plenty of laughs were heard.  Last night we traveled to Mexico and enjoyed chef Terry’s fabulous homemade tamales and other assorted Mexican dishes—complete with my famous buttermilk margaritas. 

Medicine Flower Lodge is a perfect place to hold a quilt retreat.  The meeting room is spacious and holds all our tables, sewing machines, cutting stations, ironing stations and us.  Our accommodations are great and the food is outstanding. 

We woke to snow on our first morning and had to slog over to the meeting room—the deer weren’t too concerned about our presence.  The weather the entire time was typical spring in Montana—snow, wind and cold.  But it didn’t matter cause we were only interested in one thing—sewing! 

The economy benefited from this quilt retreat also—all 12 of us donated money to the quilt shops in Absarokee and Bear Creek.  As if we didn’t have enough projects! 

This group of women is the best—we all get along so well, teasing, laughing and supporting each other.  Several of the women have been quilting forever and are our expert resources. 

Michael and Emmi were extremely glad to see me when Shirley brought me home—Emmi “talked and talked” voicing her pleasure in seeing me.  It is good to be home and life is good!

PS:  Thanks Rick for the tip for loading a slide show into the blog—it worked like a charm!


  1. Great slide show. Thanks for taking all the pictures - the memories are wonderful.

  2. Great slideshow, Janna, nice job on the photos too! Also, thanks for the mention.

    I've missed your last few blogs as for some reason, about a week o.k., all of the 'Blogs I Follow' disappeared from my sidebar - gone!! I think I've managed to get them all back to normal by now, at least I hope so!!

  3. looks like you all had a great time at the retreat!!..did you get any quilting done??

  4. What beautiful works of art. You ladies are very talented...looks like you had plenty of fun too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a wonderful time! Looks like so much fun, and I love the slide show. I still haven't managed to learn to quilt. I don't have the patience for all that cutting. Sigh. I do knit, however, but it's small compensation. LOL

  6. Loved the slide show. The quilts are beautiful and it looks like you gals were having too much fun to get all that work done.

  7. Welcome home!! I know Michael and Emmi are glad you're home. For some reason, my computer won't let me pull up the slide show. I'll borrow Mike's and see if it works on his. Hugs..........


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