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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Turn Off The Faucet!

It is a mess around our country.  Three inches of rain in a hard, steady deluge this morning and another one and a half this afternoon and evening.  Our creek is once again a roaring river heading downstream—all the irrigation ditches between here and town are overflowing, there is a foot of water across the main county road in one place, there are lakes and ponds everywhere. 

We had a family birthday celebration for Nat tonight at his house in town.  Lonn and his family tried going home after the party via one route and were turned back by a mudslide which had closed the road.  They were heading back to Big Timber and would try getting home via another way.  If not they will come here for the night. 

And although we are in danger of losing our driveway we are still so much better off than those poor people in Joplin, Missouri.  Our hearts go out to them!

Today was Nat’s (Michael’s Dad) 89th birthday!  He is amazing—still lives alone, drives, makes all his own decisions—we feel very blessed to still have him with us and for him to have his health!  The plan for tonight was for us to order pizza at the American Legion—I fixed a salad and baked another one of those fresh apple cakes.  But—we do live in a small town—the American Legion kitchen is in the basement and is flooded!!  So, no pizza—OK, our choices are severely limited for carry out food in this small town—and there are three guys there Nat, Michael and Lonn who aren’t crazy about chicken but chicken it was from the Timber Bar.  Nat did say, “never thought I’d be eating chicken on my 89th birthday!”  It was still a very good evening and party.  Katie and her husband Michael joined us along with ranch hand/friend Charlie. 

Other parts of the country are flooding, too.  My Mom and her husband Chuck are work camping in a campground along the Little Missouri River in south western North Dakota.  They were awakened at 4am this morning and told to evacuate immediately, the river was rising.  Since they can’t do anything at the campground they drove over here in the car to spend some time with us.  Now, if we lose the driveway they may be stranded here with us! 

What a day!  I did get my massage this morning and boy do I have some sore muscles from all that ceiling cleaning!  Our friend Brenda left a cute comment on the blog today, “Shampooing the ceiling OK you thought I was a clean freak lol” 


  1. sure hope that the 'tap is turned off soon'!!!..Happy 89th birthday to Nat!!!..lots of birthdays today..mine too!!!but I am only 52!..and I drive too!!

  2. Happy birthday to Nat! It seems that mother nature is really flexing her muscles this year. It is really scary. As we head north we are getting into active weather patterns.

    Hope the rain stops soon.

  3. What a dangerous spring it has been all over, and there's still a month to go!

  4. This spring has really taken a toll on the whole country. My heart breaks for all those people in MO and in the rest of the central part of the country. Then we have NM and AZ with all the drought and fires. We're coming up through WY and plan on coming up through Hardin but I think we've been put on hold for a week or so. Happy Birthday to Nat. Sure hope the rain stops soon.

  5. Happy 89th to Nat! Despite what naysayers think, our climate patterns do seem to be changing. The weather just seems to be more extreme. I sure hope it's just a passing phase.


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