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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Brother Dear

Fifty years ago today when I was almost six years old I remember Mom bringing home a BOY to our house—life would never be the same!  Ross joined my sister and me completing our family.  The whole entire Barnes family was so glad to finally have a boy as my father was the only son, too.  Ross was the apple of our Grandfather’s eye and followed in every step Grandpa took—inheriting the family farm when Grandma and Grandpa were gone.  Ross and Vicky have raised two great sons on that farm where Ross continues to raise cows and hay.  Not only does he farm full time but he also has a fulltime job as an electrician for the utility company in Arkansas.  Ross works hard, too hard and is also a very giving neighbor and friend.  I am blessed to have him as a brother—Happy Birthday Ross.

Ross & Family Ross & Janna

Another gray, cold, cloudy morning but by the time Nat arrived for lunch the sun had come out—glorious!  Spent the morning cooking—meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, fresh bread and a new recipe—Fresh Apple Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting—OH MY!  was it ever good!IMG_6916

IMG_6899 IMG_6915My new toy, the garden tiller.

Transplanted some garden plants to bigger pots today and planted the blueberry bushes which came in the mail this week. 

We took a trip this afternoon to Harlowton and bought something—more about that later!


  1. the apple cake looks yummy!!..and Happy Birthday to your brother, Ross!!

  2. well dawg gone,,,,now I'm in suspense... By the way your brother is a fine lookin guy...

  3. Happy Birthday to your brother! Both your dinner and that new dessert recipe sounded pretty good to me!

  4. Happy Birthday Ross! I know those are long days of work. My father worked full time on his dairy/crop farm for 9 years while also working full time at Kodak. It was a great place for me and my siblings to live.


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