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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Attacked By A Psychotic Chicken

Literally!  We took Emmi for a walk in the rain/snow this morning, halfway down the driveway I saw her take off toward something on the ground.  I quickly realized it was a grouse which was doing a dance with Emmi.  I was able to call Emmi back with the grouse chasing Emmi.  The grouse charged me when I bent to pick up Emmi so she wouldn’t hurt the bird.  I shooed at the bird and so did Michael—as we walked away she charged us again and I’m not talking from 5 feet away, she is right on my heels and pecking at me.  I kicked at her, she retreated but the minute we turned our backs to walk away, she charged again and pecked me in the back of the leg—I had on thick jeans so it didn’t hurt but now I’m getting a bit agitated—go away bird—I can’t put Emmi down, I was afraid she would kill the bird.  We try again—here the grouse comes, I gave her a sideways kick of my foot and she finally decided maybe flying up into the nearest bush was the best thing to do!!!!  Jeez, Emmi will have nightmares and I may too! 

The rain finally stopped about a hour ago and we have had FIVE and a quarter inches of rain in about 36 hours!  Early this morning the rain mixed with enough snow to turn the ground white and the foothills all around us are white.


We went out about 5pm for a drive to see if anything was flooding.  The rivers are a little high and very muddy.  The smaller creeks are roaring.  While out we spotted this herd of elk on Lionhead Ranch:IMG_6881 IMG_6879

“1- put my name on that so I can have it when your gone (:
2- I'd like a full size quilt made from that material. (;
3- I am your favorite niece. (:”

The above is a comment my sweet niece Niki left on the blog last night—OK, Niki, the little quilt top is finished—do you still like it??  She states, “I am your favorite niece,”—she is my ONLY niece—adored and spoiled!  IMG_6869

As I write this I think I see a speck of sunshine shining through the clouds, YEA!


  1. Could that have been a mama bird with babies near by that she was trying to protect? I know nothing about birds but I think maybe Emmi was a threat. Better a grouse than a mama bear. 5 1/2 inches of rain, holy cow. Love the elk pictures.

  2. That IS a beautiful quilt - I love the colors!

    Sorry about the grouse - geese do the same thing, I've been pecked on the back of the leg, too, but by a goose. It's kind of scarey.

    My aunt was attacked by a rooster. Same thing, but from her front. They lived in the country and she was coming down her front stairs to get the morning paper when he attacked. She had on ONLY her robe. She said she opened her robe wide, to appear larger, and roared at him flapping her hands holding the robe and he scadaddled! I would have, too! :)

    I'll never forget the picture I had in my mind. So there you are - for next time!

  3. I bet Jim and Sandie are right...must be a mama protecting her babies. Pretty tough bird!

    Great shot of the elk herd. Hope you get some spring weather soon.

  4. That sure was a good story. Good thing you were wearing heavy pants. Those pecks can be painful. A rooster attacked me when I was a kid and I had a mark on my chest for years.

  5. An Emmi in hand is better than two grouse in the bush! :)

  6. By the sounds of that aggressive Grouse you are all fortunate to have escaped many multiple cuts, bruises, lacerations, abrasions & severve contusions. You might want to consider having 'back up' next time you are out walking. Grouse's have memories like Elephants & may very well be lying in wait for you next time.

  7. fiesty grouse you had there!!..poor Emmi!!

  8. Mary Lou MontgomeryMay 10, 2011 at 8:49 PM

    I bet there were babies involved, most birds would not attack a human and a dog just for the thrill of attack. Had to be babies/nest very near. Beautiful quilt fabric!

  9. Grousing about a grouse!! I think it was wise to hold on to Emmi as that sounds like one nasty little bird.

    Great looking quilt.

  10. Lol- that's funny about the grouse. I would have loved to have been a mouse in the grass watching that.

    Still love the quilt. It has such pretty colors. Good choice.

  11. I think you showed great restraint with the miscreant bird. I might have been tempted to have grouse for dinner after the second attack:)


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