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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fourth Day Without Rain

Today was our 4th day without any moisture and the surface of the ground is finally drying.  It was a sunshiny day but very cold day with a nasty wind.  The doom and gloom weather people are predicting another nasty storm heading our way tomorrow and Monday—we shall see.  Still very few leaves on the trees here on May 28.  You can just see a hint of green in the tallest tree in the photo.


Nat came up for lunch today and to see our roaring little creek—he was impressed!  Michael moved more dirt and I quilted some on a customer quilt.  Emmi was outside much of the afternoon and as a result is a collapsed puppy in Michael’s lap!

While Michael and I were moving dirt the other day he dropped a big rock out of the bucket and the rock split.  Look what we found on the inside—isn’t that just too cool????IMG_7116

 IMG_7117 IMG_7118

Rick sent me a note the other day about my inability to post comments to my blog or other’s blogs.  Once I did as Rick suggested—cleared my cookies, etc.—I was back in business.  Thanks once again Rick for the computer help!


  1. Glad you are drying out if that other storm will just stay away...

  2. Yep that is so very cool you guys must have been under water at some other time too lol

  3. I think that is an extremely rare Tyrannaopsaucerus-o-glutamus fossil from the pre Snuffleuppagus pre ice age dating back to the beginning of the entire Hoblupagate Universe. Indeed you have a very valuable find there. Could be worth millions & with that kind of money you could build yourselves a bridge over the troubled waters in your driveway........Groovy:))

  4. No more storms!! But that rock is way too neat. Glad he dropped it.

  5. glad the weather is improving slowly!!..and yes, Rick is the best computer helper in blogville!

  6. Well, today is departure day for us. so I hope it stays dry.... Its 4:30am and when the sun peeks out, I'm outta here!! The winds been blowing something like 65 mph over by Winslow, so if it does that today, I'll shut 'er down.....
    We're excited,,,Megabyte2, not so much!!

  7. It is often very interesting what can be found inside those rocks. A science teacher friend of mine showed me what kind of rocks to pick up in Illinois. Inside were fern fossils.

  8. Four days in a row without rain - wow, that's great. Hope it keeps up.

    Glad to hear that clearing the cache and cookies worked on your computer. It's an odd problem as no single method seems to work for everyone. Very weird!


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