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Monday, May 9, 2011

Flying Geese and Rain

Rain, rain, rain—at supper time we had over two inches in the rain gauge—at least it isn’t white!  It was raining during the night and has not stopped all day.

Michael spent his time working on a couple small motorhome repair projects and I did the laundry.  Hamburgers on the grill for lunch—while I was outside getting dripped on, I was debating the smartness of my decision to grill burgers in a pouring rain!

I did finish Shirley’s little triangle quilt as I call it and began work on a project I started at the quilt retreat—those dang flying geese--IMG_6859 The little pinkish triangles are flying geese—do you see any resemblance to a goose???  The flying geese make one of the borders on this little table topperIMG_6860 The photos don’t do the colors justice and the little piece gets another border made from Moda charm squares—don’t you just love Moda fabric?? 

Emmi girl has discovered balls—green tennis balls and this afternoon a soccer ball that she rolled around and literally fussed at because she couldn’t get the soccer ball in her mouth.  She would dig at the soccer ball and make this really high pitched whining/barking noise.  Michael gave her the soccer ball and I almost made the two of them go outside in the rain to play with it she was so noisy!IMG_6858

IMG_6865 Another dreary day in Montana.


  1. Geese, huh? Guess I'll take your word for it. Emmi is so cute with her ball. My girls just chew them up and pull all the fuzz off them. Drives me crazy.

  2. Maybe Emmi has a 'wee bit of cabin fever?'!..nice work on the quilt..I don't see geese though??

  3. I kinda thought those flying Geese sorta looked more like flying Pink Triangle birds. We get a lot of them down this way in the hotter mid summer months:))

  4. Nice picture of Emmi with her tennis ball. Her and Rylie would get along well! Rylie has a bunch of 'squeak' toys that she likes to run around with and make a horrible racket!

  5. My sister made a quilt for me with flying geese, so I did know what you were describing. Your small quilt looks so perfect. Lovely. Spring really just seems like a long extension of something like winter this year in the high country. Time for REAL spring!

  6. Maybe you better let a little air out of that soccer ball so she can get hold of it!! Dogs are such fun.

  7. 1- put my name on that so I can have it when your gone (:
    2- I'd like q full size quilt made from that material. (;
    3- I am your favorite niece. (:

  8. Love the table topper and the fabric is perfect for spring. . . whenever that arrives. It is still raining over here as well, but the sunshine is on the way tomorrow.

  9. Your flying geese points are perfect, you have soooo much patience!

    Katie loves her balls, too. I get her the small tennis balls made for little dogs, she must have around 15 of them. The are constantly getting lost and then found. She likes to play catch, except she doesn't usually catch them.


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