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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blogger Get Your Act Together

I can’t sign in to Blogger, can’t post comments to my blog since last night, what’s the deal Blogger, can’t you get your act together???

EDIT:  While I use Chrome as my browser I still have Internet Explorer on my computer—opened IE and was able to access Blogger Dashboard and post the comments.


  1. I have read with interest all the folks who have been having trouble with blogger. Everything has been working OK for us here, but then I am an IE browser person and of course Brenda has that infernal Mac. Good luck with the comments and here's hoping your rain is slowed down.

  2. Make sure if your using Chrome you have the latest version downloaded, I ran into the same problem several months ago and had to remove Chrome completely with ,add/remove programs, and then re download it. Has worked fine since,Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. I've found I can't sign up to "follow" a blog in Firefox, I have to switch to IE, then I can. Isn't it strange?

  4. Janna, this is a real long-shot on your problem with Chrome, but do you happen to have an Extension called 'Measure-it' installed? If you do, disable or remove it, and see if you can sign in to Blogger or leave comments. I'm assuming that you have already cleared the cache files for Chrome as well.

  5. Blogger has been working fine here today so far. We have IE as well & whatever problems we had the past couple of days seems to have righted themselves. Never did have a log in problem but did have problems leaving & publishing comments on & off for a couple days.


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