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Monday, May 23, 2011

One Major Job

Michael has gone over to Lonn’s to finish a little project, haul Lonn a few more bales of hay and to haul home some firewood.  I am sitting in my easy chair with my feet up trying to recover from my major job today.

For some strange reason this morning I decided today was the day to shampoo the motorhome ceiling carpet.  Oh my—forty feet of looking up and also dragging a wand over my head across all that carpet!  I started about 9am this morning and finished up at 5p.  Every bone in my body is aching especially my neck and shoulders.  I can be very thankful I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow morning—maybe that’s the reason I decided to tackle this job today???  The ceilings look great!

Michael got busy outside while I was inside and washed the motorhome—it looks great, too. 

Our flood waters have receded some thank goodness!  As of this morning I90 near Hardin, MT was still closed with several communities being isolated by the flood waters.  It sprinkled rain for a while today but most of the day we have had sunshine—YIPPEE!!!

IMG_7012 IMG_7018 IMG_7014 Mr. and Mrs. Sandhill


  1. That was a major undertaking you took on today...

  2. You deserve that massage tomorrow!!..that was quite the workout!!

  3. I like da cloudy mountain scene:))

  4. My shoulders hurt just reading about your job. Hope tomorrow isn't worse for you. But after the massage all should be good again.

  5. Enjoy your massage, you've earned it.

  6. Lots of water around here too Janna. Half of the campground was under water when we got to the Yaha Tinda on Wed. It has been raining pretty good for two days here and not supposed to stop for the next 5 days Yikes poor farmer around here.

    Shampooing the ceiling OK you thought I was a clean freak lol enjoy your massage.

    Missing you and a big hello to Mike


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