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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Rain Today


Looks a little like Seattle weather doesn’t it??  IMG_7026

It’s been a rough day here, we have been moving dirt and mud trying to keep the back wall of the garage from collapsing.  More water is pouring down our creek from a major break in the main irrigating ditch.  And the weather man is predicting more rain for tomorrow.  The Boulder Road from Big Timber to here has been closed for high water, I90 has been closed outside Big Timber for high water, what next?? 

Mom made us a delicious lunch of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, salad and homemade bread.  We needed it to keep up our energy for working so hard! 

Happy birthday Aunt Margaret! 



  1. That sounds serious. I hope you get everything shored up and prevent a major catastrophe. The weather this year has been so strange.

  2. Call 'Air Sea Rescue & have a helicopter drop you some 'water wings?'

  3. I think enough is enough in the rain department!

  4. sorry to hear about all the water damage. It's raining in Custer, too. We're leaving here on Sunday and hoping it will dry up before we get there. We're thinking of you and praying for a break in the rain. You need some "sunshine"!
    Glad your Mom is there with you.

  5. Hoping the rain doesn't show and your garage (and anything else) is safe!!

  6. Oh my, Janna that sounds downright awful!..I hope you are all okay through the night and that the rain stops soon! are in our thoughts!

  7. We are getting a little sick of this high humidity ourselves, we are not getting as much as you folks but we have had an inch and half over the last 24 and no break in sight. One of those years that I am glad we aren't built right along the creek.

  8. High water is never good. Seems like the whole country is having extraordinary weather.

    We have made the mistake of leaving Florida for northern AL and now have tornado watches.

    Hope you can stay mostly dry.

  9. Oh no thats not good Janna. Our roads into the farm and just outside the farm are a mess also (washing away) we have 3 more inches predicted in the next 24 hours. Hope you can get it under contol. I am thinking of you guys


  10. Lunch sounds good - rain not so good! Sound like you may have to build an Ark soon.


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