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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Job and An Iron

Our granddaughter Katie graduated from college with a teaching degree last December and has been unable to find a teaching job until now.  She got the great news that a small rural school here in Montana wants to hire her! She and her husband Michael are very excited!

Many years ago my Mom bought for me a Rowenta iron—expensive but well worth it at the time—heavy and produced lots of steam.  A couple years ago that Rowenta died and even my handy dandy husband couldn’t fix it.  After reading all the negative reviews of the newer Rowenta irons I elected not to get another one and instead have been dealing with a series of cheap Sunbeam irons from Costco.  Judy from Patchwork Times a few months back purchased a Digital Velocity iron and is very satisfied with the iron. 

So, when we got home from Arizona, I ordered a Digital Velocity iron.  There is a link to the iron above.  IMG_6831 So far, so good!

Michael was over at his son’s this morning and ran into our UPS man, who stated he was really tired of winter.  According to his records since our first snowstorm in October there have been over 172 days where the low temperatures were under 40 degrees.  That’s close to six months of winter and I don’t think we are finished yet!

IMG_6829 This is Mr. Red, one of our two resident pasture ornaments—they stand up in the pasture and eat—that’s their only job!  This morning we noticed Red with his ears all perked up looking toward the east, taking a few steps, stopping and looking again.  There was a herd of deer just over the fence on the neighbor’s property and I guess Mr. Red thought he should chase them away. 

Another cool, windy day.


  1. I love my old rowenta. I don't use it much since I retired but when I do it works like no other iron. Hope the new digital velocity iron works great!! 172 days below 40 that is way too much winter for sure. Miss y'all.
    Love & Hugs,
    Rollie & Gina

  2. I hate ironing!..nice iron though!..but I still do it....and Mr. Red is very handsome!!

  3. The last time I had to iron anything was back in boot camp in 1965. D'ya think I might be a little out of practice. I always do my own laundry so I am used to that slightly 'rumpled' look:))

  4. Iron - what's an iron? Where in MT did Katie get the teaching job? Almost any place in MT is rural though. Hope it's close to somewhere.


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