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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quilting and Spring Flowers

A dreary depressing day in Montana—cool, windy, spitting rain all day, just yuck.  And now the weather gurus are forecasting a winter storm warning—hasn’t anyone told them it is spring???

I made a batch of Gina’s taco soup since it felt like winter around here and a loaf of homemade bread to go with it for lunch. 

Almost finished Shirley’s quilt before we decided to go to town to get some filters for various vehicles around here—Michael is on an oil changing kick.

We drove out to Denny and Ellen’s new place where they are building a house just missing them but getting to chat with Larry and Mark for a while.  Emmi was very put out cause I wouldn’t let her out of the jeep—Mark has a McNab cow dog, Oso, that is a little rambunctious and Larry has a Dalmatian named Johnny.—thought it best that the little one of the bunch remain in the jeep. 

Stopped by Kelly and Bonnie’s new venture—the local greenhouse and left a few dollars bringing home some spring in the form of petunias and various other flowers.  Got some herbs, too.  I have planted petunia seeds for the first time ever, we will see it they survive.  I also planted various herbs but it will be a long time before they are ready to use!

IMG_6850 She was not fond of her Carhart coat this morning.


Thanks Al for the Picasa hint about the graduated tint!

And that’s it for another day in Montana.


  1. I truly thought Winter was over in Montana. But no such luck. Glad we aren't coming that way for a little while yet. I definitely don't want snow in my forecast. Of course, we're supposed to have wind starting tomorrow evening and that doesn't thrill me either. I love Emmi's coat.

  2. Janna, it's too hot down here for Gina's Taco Soup but the bread sounds delicious. Miss you guys!!
    Love & Hugs,
    Rollie & Gina

  3. Emmi looks darling in her coat! :)

  4. nice coat, Emmi!! look very 'snazzy'!!

  5. It's a little hot here for Gina's Taco Soup, too, but as Gina says, it's good even if the weather is a little warm! I'm going to make a big pot of it before we leave North Ranch to eat while we're traveling North. Love Emmi's coat. Hugs..........

  6. Nice pics! I've never heard of a McNab cow dog!! Nice shot of Emmi in the coat.


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