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Thursday, May 19, 2011

It Fits Barely

IMG_6947  You can see the top half of the jeep door leaned against the inside of the trailer to the right of the jeep—there are cabinets over the wheel wells and the jeep door wouldn’t open against those cabinets.  So off came the top of the door.  If we had a hardtop like Al and Kelly we would have to crawl out the back!  Almost needed Crisco to get that jeep in there and the remodel has started! 


IMG_6949Just in front of the driver side front tire of the jeep was a cabinet containing the cooktop/oven.  Underneath the oven was a small furnace.  In order for the jeep to fit that cabinet had to be smaller—thank goodness for a handy husband.  We are moving the oven over to the sink cabinet just inside the door, getting a different sink and Michael is going to build a whole new cabinet to house oven and sink.   The furnace is being shifted over a little and then Michael will build a set of drawers over the furnace.  There won’t be much counter space but this is not the rig we are going to be living in while down south in the winter.  We will manage!

IMG_6951 Someone asked about the decor—here it is—safari!  NOT!  I have some wallpaper borders left from when we remodeled the inside of our Holiday Rambler 5th wheel that I think we will use.  And, we are probably going to paint all the white walls as Al and Kelly did.

I spent the day trying to organize myself for a dinner party we are giving Friday evening.  Emmi got a brushing and a brow trim so she could see and that’s about the extent of our day.

Rollie called while he was driving home to Louisiana from Houston tonight—he wanted to hear all about our new toy.  We are so ready for those two to come visit us! 

Nasty day weather wise, about 40 degrees and rain—right now it is raining really hard!


  1. is there room to sleep or is this for tent camping?

  2. Is there room in there for your longarm table? Could this be a portable studio for next winter?
    Let us know if/when you come our way with your new camping rig and we will come greet you.

  3. Snug fit alright. Might have to grease up that Jeep. Good thing Jeep doors are made to come off easy. Nice set up for week-end Jeeping getaways. Good thing you guys are squiggly flexible for getting in & out of the Jeep in tight spots........

  4. Quite a remodel job you have going there. Glad you're getting rid of the safari border. Just didn't do it for me either. I think we're coming back to MT too early again this year. We're in Utah and it's raining here too. Maybe next year we'll wait til later to head north.

  5. Pretty tight fit for the Jeep alright! What? You mean you don't like that Safari decor?

  6. Yup, that is tight. Is there such a thing as a jeep diet?

  7. One of these days your gona find yourself in the same predicament as I'm in. Too damn many toys, more than you can play with...!! LOL, But it sure is fun isn't it?


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