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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Almost Another Day Without Rain

Now the weather people are predicting snow—hey it is Memorial Day weekend—but at least until now we haven’t had any more rain today and in fact had sunshine for most of the day.  The temp has dropped to below 40 degrees the last hour, the wind is howling and it is spitting something.

Last night we had a phone call from a neighbor who explained why we had all the silt, black water and debris come roaring down our creek yesterday—at the head of our little Coyote Creek a piece of ground the size of our house slipped down the hill into the little creek.  This little creek is small enough to wade across at any given time—it has been roaring the last few days with all the rain water, yesterday it roared with black water, silt and tons of debris. 

The slipped hillside is about a mile from our house straight uphill I think—we hiked up there this morning to see the slide.  Oh, my gosh!!!  It is just unimaginable the amount of damage that little creek and all that mud caused yesterday—it is mind boggling! 

Mom and Chuck made it into town today for haircuts.  Michael and I moved some more dirt and Emmi slept the afternoon away after her long hike this morning. 

The area which we hiked to this morning is just beautiful—it is the site of an old homestead cabin with to die for views.

IMG_7078 IMG_7065

Thanks to everyone for their comments and concerns about all our rain!


  1. That homestead site looks unreal. Beautiful.


  2. Stay warm and dry. We have freeze warnings for tonight. Plant starts spend another night indoors.

  3. Sure hope you don't get anymore rain. The photos of the hike are beautiful.

  4. gorgeous views from the Homestead site!..spectacular!!!

  5. Amazing what water can do! I attribute my dislike of bird to Grouse that would fly at my head when I was little!

  6. After nearly drowning on an ill conceived raft trip on British Columbia's Shuswap River many years ago I will never underestimate the power of water again. It is a force to be reckoned with & respected for sure.

  7. Fast moving water and mudslides-GEE! That can be scary stuff. There have been lots of examples lately of the power of moving water.

    Now snow? Stay safe and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Hopefully, you will be able to do that under warm and sunny skies soon.

  8. We're really hoping to get into MT next week-end. Guess it'll depend on the flooding at Hardin. We're in Rawlins, WY - it's cold and windy here and supposed to be rain/sleet maybe snow tomorrow. Such a great week-end. Stay safe and away from that water.


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