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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

As another blogger said, “it isn’t about another day off, a bar-b-que, or a party.”  Memorial Day exists for all of us to say a special thanks to those men and women who died to protect our values and country.  Memorial Day exists for all of us to say thank you to those men, women and their families who served and are still serving to protect this country.

I was in high school during the Vietnam war—I wore a MIA bracelet but unfortunately never learned the fate of the man who’s name was inscribed on that bracelet.  I baby sat during the summer my younger cousins whose father was serving in Vietnam—I remember their mother, my Aunt Mary coming home from work in the evening and gluing herself to the TV in hopes of seeing her husband’s face. 

A distant cousin lost his life in Vietnam and I can still remember standing in that cemetery listening to the sad, sad notes from the bugle and the gun salute.  I can remember in later years finding his name, Johnny House, on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Michael’s Dad Nat served in World War II, he was a gunner on B29 planes.  He has really begun to talk about that war a lot lately and I try to write down every word he tells me.  He was only 20 years old, married and his wife delivered him a son he knew nothing about until Michael was more than 2 months old.  That son Michael, served six years in the Army Reserve. 

My Uncle Len served in the Korean war and Uncle Si in Germany during the Korean war.  My cousin’s husband Pat served in the military and made it a career.  Mom’s husband Chuck was in the USAF.  The list goes on of men and women who gave their time, energy and lives.  And, if I haven’t mentioned someone, please forgive me, we still thank you!

Tonight we are having dinner in the home of dear friends Steve and Jeane.  Steve served in Vietnam.  My friend Rich served two tours in Vietnam.  Rollie spent many years away from home on Navy ships, his and Gina’s son Rollie served our country in the Navy also. 

And then there are the people still serving—Thomas Thurston, the son of our dear friends Rollie and Gina and our sweet granddaughter Laci along with so many others putting themselves in harm’s way to protect what this country holds dear.

Thank you so much to all of you on this Memorial Day.


  1. Thanks for including Pat in your list. Also, thanks to all that serve our country!!

  2. it is a good day to pause and reflect on all the lives lost and those still out there..may they all come home safely!

  3. A great history. Our country would not be what is today without their service.

  4. Wonderful tribute. I hope all who have served and who are now serving can feel our gratitude.

    A brief article in our California paper today says eastern Montana is dealing with ever rising Missouri River and evacuations are looming. Sounds like Montana and South Dakota are not going to have a break.


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