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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Butterflies and Ouch

Today was the warmest day we’ve had since arriving home from Arizona, I think it was about 60 degrees—felt great!  We have been taking nice long walks in the morning since the snow has melted off our paths—today Emmi spied what we call “chickens” (really they are grouse) and went into the stare off stance--IMG_6834 Isn’t she just the cutest thing??  And most spoiled!!

Coming around the corner of the fireplace this morning my toes connected with the rock hearth—OUCH!  I heard an audible “crack” and danced a little gig muttering under my breath!  The toes on my left foot are swollen and turning purple, I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t break one or more! 

Michael drove up to Robyn and Claire’s to retrieve the ramps for the dump trailer which we left at their place last fall.  He spent the rest of the day getting ready to start installation of Jill’s sprinkler system tomorrow and working on Geoff’s projects.  Michael is feeling so much better these days and I for one am so, so glad!

OK, Jeane, does it look like a butterfly??IMG_6845

During the quilt retreat we all joked a lot about who invented this quilting idea—you cut up perfectly good fabric then sew it back together again—sometimes using strange gadgets and shapes.  And don’t get us started on poorly written patterns!  Well, I want to know what sadistic person invented “flying geese”???  I have to make 56 tiny flying geese for this table topper I’m making and they ain’t easy!!! 

My sweet Aunt Valeta is having surgery tomorrow.  When we were all kids none of us could say Valeta and called her Aunt BeeBee—so, Aunt BeeBee may things go well for you tomorrow, we will be thinking of you.


  1. sorry to hear about your toe!..double ouch..great butterfly by the way!!

  2. Really glad to hear Mike is feeling so much better. But your poor toe. I bet you did break it. And I don't think there is much that can be done for it. And yes, it looks like a butterfly to my very untrained eye.

    Emmi is beyond cute.

  3. The old 'kicking the hearth' trick. Funny, the hearth always wins - that hurts!

    Loved the picture of Emmi staring down the 'chickens'. She sure showed them.

  4. I know the pain of stubbed toes well. I walk like a duck with my feet pointed out all the time & have been known to stub my toes on parked cars, telephone poles on the other side of the street & low flying aircraft. Hope your toes are just in a bruise state & not a broken state.......

  5. Beautiful! Not only a butterfly but a happy butterfly!

  6. Ouch indeed. I still have a sore toe from an injury in 2002 when I jammed it in the surf.

  7. I stubbed my little toe on my exercise bike and it was months before it felt better - it was swollen and I stubbed it twice more. So be careful - it you're swollen, make sure you wear a shoe to protect it. I finally went in for x-rays, but it was not broken, just sprained or bruised. I hope your's heals soon.
    Love the butterfly!


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