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Friday, May 6, 2011

Another Warm Day

We took a walk this morning, I was able to hobble along at a slow pace by wearing a much thinner sock on the sore foot and the usual on the other foot.  My toes and foot are swollen and turning a lovely shade of black!  I’ve been quilting at the longarm in flip flops. 

It was such a nice day I decided to plant some things in the garden—lettuce, spinach, carrots, and radishes.  Robyn and Claire dropped by this afternoon and brought us some strawberry plants—I sure hope they thrive, Robyn said they get enough strawberries each year to make lots of jam—wouldn’t that be wonderful!  Michael went over across the pasture and dug up some wild raspberries from the edges of the creek which we also planted.  And, the best thing—I ordered a garden tiller today, a Mantis!  We had a Mantis tiller many years ago but lost it in our barn fire in 2000.  Up until the last couple of years I haven’t planted a vegetable garden—just seems like the thing to do lately. 

Got started on Shirley’s quilt today, too.  I absolutely love my IPod and the books I downloaded for free from the library—it makes quilting go a lot faster! 

Michael delivered the mini-excavator, lots of pipe and other stuff out to Jill’s today but the “Call Before You Dig” guys had not marked the power lines yet so he couldn’t get started.  Oh, well!

Here is a photo of one of the metal work projects Michael just completed for friends Geoff and Nancy--IMG_6848 a wood rack.

IMG_6847 This past winter while in Arizona I finally taught myself how to use Picasa and I love it!  I had always used a program I purchased many years ago—Microsoft Picture It and while it worked well there are things I just like better about Picasa.  The above photo was very crooked when viewed on the computer—Picasa straightened those horses right up!

Homemade pizza for supper tonight, delicious!  A good day in Montana.


  1. A vegetable garden is the thing I miss the most about fulltiming. :)

  2. Nice photo of the horses...Picasa is fun. Hope your toes get better.

  3. Good for you in getting a handle on your Picasa program. I see many OK blogger photos that could be made so much better if folks would just make the effort & take the time & interest to make their photos the best they can be. Remember, if you have a light colored sky just try throwing in a few clicks of 'Graduated Tint' to darken it a bit or bring some detail out of the clouds:))

  4. I just love picasa. If you ever get a chance to go to a seminar by Geeks On Tour . They have a great one on picasa

  5. I think you need to take a picture of that toe to share with the rest of us. Get lots of sympathy that way. Seriously, I'm sure it really hurts and I'm sorry about that. The strawberry jam sure sounds good and so do the raspberries. I never could grow anything so I always depended on people who felt sorry for me and would share.

  6. hope your foot is better sooon!!..enjoy the weekend!!

  7. Wow you and Mike a both very talented what a beautiful wood rack. For 9 summers in a row I broke the same baby toe and I can sympathize with you. Looks like spring has finally made it to Big Timber

    Take Care

  8. I can sympathize with you. I broke my toe a few years ago and it took forever for it to heal. Hope it feels better soon. Hugs....Pat


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