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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunshine and Showers

With that strange golden globe in the sky and a serious case of cabin fever, we put the top down and headed off to Billings leaving Emmi with Nat.  By the time we got to Billings it was showering again, by the time we started back to Big Timber the sun was out and back down the top came!  It was almost 70 degrees today, a welcome warmth!

Michael’s Christmas present laptop died again—we had the computer in to Best Buy a few weeks ago for the same problem—it won’t stay connected to the internet.  It may connect for 15 minutes then kick off or it may not connect at all.  My older Dell has no problems with our DSL or router. 

Toshiba replaced the wireless card the last time and the repair lasted maybe 10 days.  The cheerful young woman at the Geek Squad desk was pleasant enough telling me the wrong thing, “you should have bought our service package, then we would work on the computer here for the life of the computer.”  I said, “I shouldn’t pay $500 for something that has to have an additional service package and has stopped working correctly when less than six months old.”  She became less cheerful especially after I told her very nicely I might add with a smile on my face that if Toshiba didn’t fix it this time someone would be producing a new computer.  GRRR

We stopped at Costco quickly purchasing just a few items such as Greek yogurt and produce.  Back at Nat’s I made us a late lunch/early dinner from Friday night dinner party leftovers.  We had an enjoyable time visiting with him. 

Back home our water levels have gone down several inches, we no longer have as much water running in places it shouldn’t be.  And as Michael said, “our damage is nothing compared to what other people are experiencing.”  Big Horn County (home of Custer’s Last Stand) has serious flooding, I90 is closed there, people have lost homes/barns and livestock. 

Last evening late we were so cabin fever bored we decided to take a drive, here are some photos of the flooding around here:IMG_6991 IMG_6992 This is Elk Creek—Ellie and Dortha, we crossed this little creek in the car several times heading to our hiking trailhead and this is the same little creek at which we ended our hike.  This is normally a creek about 4 feet wide that you can wade across. 

 IMG_6997 Elk on the banks of a very muddy Boulder River.

IMG_6999 Much better!

American Kestrel An American Kestrel


  1. Yep, think ya need a boat alright...

  2. nothing like a day going 'topless'!!

  3. 70's and a little sun sounds promising. I probably wouldn't have been very nice with the Best Buy Geek. That's frustrating to spend that much money on something and then it doesn't work.

  4. Hi Janna..if the wireless problem happens again, determine what kind of wireless modem is in the computer (i.e. Intel, Realtek etc.) and then download the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website.

    It almost sounds as if your problem may be software related and not hardware at all. A lot of these issues are driver related.

  5. Let the sunshine begin,,,we are headed that way...
    Good luck on the computer...

  6. Glad to see you getting some sunshine at last. Comment on the new computer...I got a new Dell with Windows 7, and I had a lot of trouble getting it to connect and stay connected. Turned out to be my older router. I got a new one and it all works slick and fast now. Might be some compatibility between older routers and Windows 7 which has more secure connections


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