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Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Cleaning

We are drying out around here—the sunshine is helping a lot.  We all took a walk this morning then Michael headed off to Jill and Terry’s—he is installing a sprinkler system for them.

I got started on some major spring cleaning—washing rugs, dusting ceiling fans.  I even cleaned out the fireplace and vowed not to have another fire this spring—yah, right!

Even the longarm got a touch of spring cleaning today—blowing out all the dust and oiling all the parts.  I have a customer quilt that needs loading!

I remembered a post Rick did about backing up your blog and I had purchased an external hard drive the other day.  Something was amiss with Blogger Dashboard today and still is tonight.  I could search Rick’s blog but then it would give me an error message when I tried to click on the link to the back-up post.  I persevered—when the search engine brought up all the related posts I noticed the one I wanted was posted on June 5—so I just looked until I found June 5—take that Blogger!!  But ran into more error messages when trying to even access Blogger Dashboard so backing up will have to wait for another day.  I did backup all my photographs, though! 

IMG_6895 We have green grass and blue sky but still have snow on the mountains and snowdrifts in the coulees. 

IMG_6893 Miss Emmi crossing the cattle guard. 

PS:  Funny I should write about backing up your blog and Blogger Dashboard goes down, can’t post this blog and Wednesday’s blog disappeared.  All is well in blogland now.

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  1. dang blogger!...didn't they know that I was waiting and waiting!..geesh!..glad it is back up and running again!!


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