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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday The 13th

I drove my father-in-law’s truck to Billings this morning very carefully as it was Friday the 13th after all!  Nat had an appointment for 2 MOHS procedures at Billings Clinic.  We arrived right on time, they called us back to an exam room right on time and we were walking out at 2pm—how’s that for service.  And, Billings Clinic raised itself a couple notches in my eyes—they have good WiFi!!!  My little IPod Touch worked well!

While Nat was suffering I ran some errands picking up a few things we forgot the other day such as dog food. 

Michael and Emmi were waiting at Nat’s when we drove up, we visited for a while then headed up the Boulder.  It was Christmas when we got home:  had blueberry bushes from Gurney’s, the new garden tiller, quilts for longarming from Aunt Margaret and Marti in Arkansas, paper piecing quilting books and a new cookbook!  FUN!IMG_6896

Another beautiful day in Montana—70 degrees in Billings today!


  1. 70 in Bayfield today too. Ain't weather love grand:))

  2. enjoy the weekend..looks like you have a couple of books and quilts to keep you out of trouble!

  3. Eugene, OR had nice weather today too, but it's clouded up now. Spring comes one day at a time in Oregon!!

    Enjoy your loot...

  4. Some of your great weather must have even drifted over to the west coast as we had a nice day here too!

  5. San Diego was nice, too, today.
    Enjoy your weekend! :)

  6. 90 down here in North Ranch,,,,,,guess that tells you we are thinking about going North, I have a Dr apt on May 26TH. Hope to get a shot of Ctz in my shoulder..
    2 weeks from today we'll be headed up to Canyon De Chelly. Seems everybody else went that way, so we are too! Plan on trying the million Dollar Hwy. I might be sorry.....I'm gona miss my gooseneck state park.. Hope you get your garden in......


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