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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Quack, Quack

We better be growing some web feet soon!  Over two inches of rain in the gauge since yesterday and it has been snowing or raining hard all day.  IMG_6953-1 Wasn’t very happy to wake up to this scene!

IMG_6954 A group of geese came to visit our little spot this morning—we occasionally have ducks but haven’t seen geese before.

Have quite the gang coming for dinner tonight:  George & Shirley, Geoff & Nancy, Terry & Ailene, along with Robyn & Claire.  I made my friend Linda’s strawberry shortcake recipe, homemade bread—am grilling a ribeye roast and serving garlic mashed potatoes, almond green beans and a salad.  We should be sufficiently stuffed don’t you think??

My table for tonight looks great—when I worked in Powell, WY one of the surgeons had two young twin boys who were basically out of control.  When Nick and his wife Madelyn wanted to go out of town I was the designated babysitter because I was about the only person who could control the brats!  The twins and I went over one day to feed their dog and I noticed this old table sitting back in a corner of the garage.  When I asked Nick if he would sell me the table he said no but he would give it to me with one stipulation—if I ever wanted to get rid of it he wanted it back.  Seems it sat in front of a huge fireplace in his family’s cabin in the Appalachian Mountains and he could remember doing his homework sitting at that table. 

The table is a drop leaf—both ends fold down and then it has 3 additional leaves.  I can seat 10 people at this table very comfortably.  When Nick gave me the table I totally sanded and refinished it.  We use it every day—the leaves are a different color now as they are stored in the basement out of any light.  


The dinner party was great—wonderful food and wonderful company!

It continued to rain all night, as of Thursday morning when this storm started we have had almost SEVEN inches of rain.  As I write this Michael and Emmi have gone to take a drive to see if there is any flooding or damage from all the rain.  I walked out onto the deck to feed the birds and was shocked to hear our normally little babbling stream ROARING.  IMG_6962 IMG_6958 In one spot on our driveway the water is about to go over the road—we might not go anywhere today!  There is close to two feet of water running over the road at Elk Creek—there are people who live up that road who won’t be going anywhere today!  It is not raining at present although the clouds still look dark and heavy!


  1. And I thought all the crummy weather was here in Seattle....

  2. Did you post a picture of the table? It didn't come through for me if you did. I cannot believe your weather up there. We still have a couple of weeks before we have to be there but I'm not sure we're going to be able to get through the rest of UT and WY. What a terrible spring this has been. Sure wish I was coming for dinner. The food sounds scrumptious.

  3. Thanks for a great dinner party, Janna and Mike. Wonderful to be with everyone. Company like that makes the weather seem bearable. Did I say....Bear?
    The food and company were outstanding!

  4. You're lucky you didn't end up having to make breakfast for your guests as well as dinner with all that rain. Hope it does stop to get rid of some of that water. Dinner sounded terrific.

  5. I sometimes wonder if the state of Montana would consider your blog good for tourism. For the snow lovers of the world, it must be a big hit :)

    Great pictures, love seeing the weather from a distance.

  6. Sounds like we might need a BOAT to get to your place....hope its dried out by june!!!
    Yes, Picture of the table please!!

    PS. Your the only nurse I ever knew that could cook!! LOL

  7. Dinner sounds great! It's obvious you love cooking, every meal you write about is different and sounds delicious.

    I'd like to see a photo of the table, too. :)


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