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Monday, May 16, 2011

They’re Back

The little lazuli buntings that is.IMG_6921 I noticed the first one this morning.

Went into town to change Nat’s bandages and ran some errands while there.  You know—the lumbar yard, the feed store (where I got the sorriest bird seed I have ever bought), the courthouse—those never ending errands.

Headed out to the garden when I got home with the new Mantis garden tiller.  OK, there is certainly no need for me to lift weights or do any cardio workout tonight!  That was a job—my arms will be sore tomorrow.  I tilled some manure into the soil, picked rocks and just generally got beaten to death!   The garden looks great now! 

Planted my flowers into the containers until I ran out of potting soil—will have to pick up some more in town—I thought that huge Costco bag would have lasted all summer. 

What’s up with the wind around here—very breezy today and cool again.  Everywhere you go in town people are asking, “is spring ever going to get here?”



  1. I'm quite envious of your gardening! Not for sissies, is it? :)

  2. That same question is asked here a lot. It seems we get a day of sun and a day or so of clouds or rain. Not good :-( Not much a person can do in the garden, it's too wet.

  3. What a beautiful bird! And those cute flowers poking through.

    I agree about the weather, and I'M IN SAN DIEGO! Today it's still cool and breezy and I'd love a warm, calm day to just sit outside and enjoy. I guess I shouldn't complain, though. My weather has been nothing like yours. But I'm getting tired of jeans and sweatshirts.

  4. The weather's the pits, but I hear it's supposed to be improving here over the next week. Let's hope so!

  5. the weather is just plain crappy!! day summer will here?..but when??

  6. Yep, roto tillers are great for beating people up alright. One of the best arm stretching machines on the market. Seems like the weather is totally wretched everywhere:((


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