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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunshine Is A Wonderful Thing

After 5 inches of rain a day of sunshine is a special blessing and the weather forecasters are predicting about a week of this strange golden globe in the sky!  It was so nice and warm today, no wind, just sunshine.

We took off for Billings early this morning hitting the Laurel Wal Mart at the perfect time—9am—nobody in the store and there were checkers!  Next stop was a much needed haircut for me then lunch at Famous Dave’s. 

Costco wasn’t too, too busy, either and we got our usual brake the bank shopping cart full of fresh produce, meat and other assorted necessities.  No impulse shopping today, dang it!  Saw some beautiful dishes by Mikasa—the dishes probably won’t be there the next time, but I resisted!

A routine medical test for me then we were off for home.  Our days in Billings lately are not near as long—we are getting up earlier and making that Wal Mart grocery stop before we are so tired in the afternoon after all the other stuff.  We were home by 4pm.

Both of us had a spurt of energy after unloading and putting away all our purchases.  Michael washed the big dually pickup and I started cleaning out the flower beds almost getting the front one finished.

It was such a beautiful afternoon we decided to have our happy hour on the deck—been a long time since we could do that!

IMG_6885 IMG_6882 Last night Michael noticed this grouse sitting in our tree outside the dining room windows—not the same psychotic one—just one happy to be eating something it was finding in this spruce tree.


  1. Cheers! Janna and Mike!..nice to have happy hour on the deck for once!..great shot of the 'killer grouse'!!

  2. I think that is a reconnaissance Grouse sent by the aggressive Grouse to spy on you guys & track your daily habits. You may find your house surrounded by a Grouse Swat Team shortly so you had better be on the lookout. You may soon even have a Grouse in the house!!

  3. Boy, those things have sharp little beaks. Good thing you were wearing jeans yesterday. I think Al is right - better keep a look out! Hope you don't have nightmares tonight about a Grouse in the House...sounds like a Dr. Suess book!

  4. So glad you finally had a beautiful day of sunshine. Just lifts the spirits tremendously. And to be able to sit out on the deck - wonderful.

  5. Happy hour is the best part of retirement.

  6. Send some of that sunshine out here to the west coast o.k. I haven't checked our forecast yet so I'll just have to hope we get some sun too.


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