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Saturday, June 1, 2013


IMG_7038Even though I had the master mechanic/Mr. Fix It on the job, set-up for the Canon printer was NOT easier!  Do those development guys sit around writing install instructions to drive us all crazy—I am sure they just sit there giggling knowing we will be cussing and pulling our hair out!  I usually handle all things computer related but Michael decided he would give this one a go—didn’t help—Canon has no technical support on the weekends Sad smileand I spent a hour on the phone with the Costco technical support folks to no avail!  So, I shoved the stupid Canon printer into the guest bedroom where it will reside until Monday when I give the Canon tech folks a call and a piece of my mind!

Michael headed over to the West Boulder to help Lonn with a project today and after I finished pulling my hair out I quilted for a while.  Put a new bobbin in and the machine just didn’t sound right—noticed loopy threads after about 12 inches of quilting, stopped, looked at the back of the quilt—Sad smilespent probably a hour ripping out those stitches.  It must have been the new bobbin I inserted—took that one out, inserted a different one and now I have beautiful stitches again.

We have sunshine today, beautiful, warm sunshine! 



The grass is growing and the weeds are growing even faster—I need to get the week sprayer out! 


  1. Back in the dark ages of computers they used to have this "plug and play" thing going on, you just plugged in stuff and it worked. Wonder what happened to that theory. Imagine my consternation when I was hooking up our new router this week and went to plug the CD in and found that my new computer is sans CD reader. Lucky I had an old computer around the place. Like you I think those computer goofs sit up all night drinking Red Bull and coming up with things to frustrate us mere mortals.

  2. Can you exchange for an Epsen (Artisan 837). We really like ours. 2 yrs. and the color printing is great. This is our first Epsen. It set up so ease.

  3. Just remember to keep singing "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" and you'll be just fine with printers and bad bobbins.

    Just curious, what model printer is your Canon?

  4. Glad you at least had sunshine to help you through the bumps today:)

  5. Hooking up a printer isn't usually so hard. The only issue I have with mine is that the printer is downstairs hooked up to the router and if I don't print for a while they kind of lose track of each other. So I just uninstall the printer on my laptop upstairs and then reinstall it to get everyone talking to each other again. Aggravating, but easy enough.

    I know machine quilters who listen to audio books or music while they quilt, but I don't because I like to hear the sound of the machine while I'm working. You learn to tell by the sound if it's doing what it's supposed to or if the bobbin is about to run out. We all have our own ways, I guess.

  6. It is often the case that simplicity eludes software creators. So many computer products are simple 'plug and play' and I fail to understand why the computer brainiacs can't simplify an install. Good luck with that. We have a Brother and an Epson printer and install was a piece of cake on both.

  7. Some days you can't win for trying!!! Hope today is going better~


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