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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Back To Work

Play time is over, time to go back to work.  I started my day off with a great yoga session—one of our friends and neighbors, Mona, has agreed to lead our yoga lessons and Nancy has graciously allowed us the use of her guest house.  There were five of us in addition to Mona today and we had a great time!

Nat came for lunch (the Big Timber senior center does not do meals on Thursday) bringing some kind of piano bolts which needed straightening—Michael used a vise and took care of those crooked bolts.  We had crispy herbed chicken which if you didn’t know better could pass for fried chicken—it’s done in the oven and I got the recipe from the back label of a container of corn meal.  The chicken is really good, even my dear husband who is not so crazy about chicken likes this recipe. IMG_7223

After lunch it was time for chores—first on my list was gutter cleaning, I don’t think the gutters got cleaned last year and geez was it time—YUK!  But it’s done!  Lawn mowing was next and in between I was doing loads of laundry.  My last chore for the day was re-working the drip watering system to some lilac bushes we planted many years ago.  The deer have munched these plants so many times they never seem to grow—this year they are growing and I thought water might help them grow better.  Mice and other critters sometimes chew apart the hoses for the watering system and that was exactly the case today.  Made a couple repairs and we are good to go for another year. 

Dinner was Pioneer Woman’s salsa with chips—it was hot here today, 87 degrees and hardly any breeze—warm!  Salsa makes a good warm weather meal!

IMG_7221All the snow is gone from Boone Mountain.


  1. Slow down, Janna, you're working as hard as a rented mule! Nice pic of Boone Mountain.

  2. No snow, that's to bad. I guess the river is not running under the river up at the park?


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