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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Glorious Sunshine

On Monday I received a follow up call from the dental office to see how my teeth were fairing after their cleaning last Friday.  My dental office is really into this touchy/feel-ie stuff—gifts when you leave the office—a bottle of water and a carnation Friday, a newsletter is mailed, etc—it’s a dental office, lower your prices and forget the touchy/feel-ie stuff!

I replied, “my teeth are fine but my pocket book is not!”  The young woman got all flustered and referred me to the billing department.  I explained to the billing department, “$468 to have your teeth cleaned and x-rayed is exorbitant!  It is more than twice the going rate in Billings.”  Her reply, “but you had a filling too.”  AHHHHHH  But I didn’t have a filling done Friday, I need one but more important things such as a haircut were calling—the filling is postponed for a later time.  So, my cleaning and x-rays cost $268 which is still too much.   


A glorious day, sunshine with warm temperatures!  I even moved the tomato and herb plants outside onto the deck in the sunshine.

Michael worked on the Tin Tee Pee today and I quilted.  More quilting would have happened if I hadn’t been struggling with tension issues!  When a quilter uses a dark colored backing for a lighter colored quilt top, the longarm quilter has a dilemma.  Either she uses a lighter colored thread on the backing and it stands out like a sore thumb or you fight tension issues.  Some of the dark color thread will show through on the lighter piece no matter how much you adjust the tension—in the longarm world we call those “pokies.”  I wish more quilters would think about this when choosing their backing fabric—think about the color thread you would like to see used on your quilt top and chose a backing which will match that thread choice. 

It was such a beautiful day we got the little Toyota MR2 out of the garage and went for a drive.  Ice cream was on the agenda and finding roofing tin/metal for the shed Michael is constructing.  Our friend Terry is a contractor/builder and frequently has used or surplus new “stuff” lying around.  Michael hit the jackpot and will go pick up his metal/tin tomorrow.  We enjoyed lemonade and the wonderful weather on the deck with Jill and Terry after the shopping was concluded.  Emmi may not be invited back—she chased the chickens! 

A glorious day in Montana.



  1. Well I guess "chasing" chickens is a lot better than "catching" chickens.

  2. As I was reading the beginning of your blog, I was thinking forget the touchy/feely things and lower the bill. And then you took the words right out of my mouth. You are correct...that is a lot of money for what you had done.

    I just love your Montana photos!!

  3. oh oh bad Emmi. I am sure she will be forgiven. she is just to cute not to be

    Janna I paid $389.00 to have half my mouth cleaned plus the freezing and $429.00 to have a tooth pulled. We do have insurance that covers 80 percent but thats what they charge here in Canada and then they complain that more people should take better care of their teeth. Crazy!!!

    Glad the sunshine made it to you guys. Its been pretty nice here the last couple of days

  4. Another good reason to get all our work done in AZ. It only cost me $128 for a cleaning and X-rays. Now Mexico would be even cheaper. It is just ridiculous how much dental work costs. I sure do like seeing that sunshine in your forecast.

  5. Your Dentiast is way high. I'm in Santa Barbara, CA and full y-ray and cleaning is $150.00. CA does have it's good side.


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